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  1. Hi Barry, OOPs! My bad. Must have been a cut and paste error. Everything seems to be working now. There are no middle names though as I guess you can't really include that as it is a variable thing. Tried using Stephen William Large and got Stephen L. Great stuff anyway as I could never seem to get both things working at the same time and my names would come out as Stephen W. Instead. Thanks, Steve
  2. Hi Barry, Just getting back at it now. The quad replace was to cut all of the prices off of the end of the events. The tournament organizers didn't want people to publicly see what others had paid for events especially when we had different prices for early bird applications. Also, there needed to be last initial only on the names because of wanting to have privacy for the applicants. I tried your code and it worked fine for 18 but 5 remained unaffected. Could be because I have that join in there somehow. This seemed to be the problem that I had been having before. I need the join i
  3. Hi Barry, Still struggling with this member list code. Managed to get the prices to strip off but it was a bit of a shotgun cure as it effects the whole table. Not too elegant but it worked. Lucky for me the "Events" column is the only one that has the characters that I wanted gone. I was wondering if you had any ideas about how to edit the names for first name last initial in the MySQL. It seems to me that it may be the best route to pre-process them before sending them off to the PHP segment of the code. Had tried several alternatives but could not get Gizmodo's code to work in th
  4. Hi Gizmola, Thanks for your input. Can this be done using a MySQL statement and an ID number. All values are in the same column named "value" and have different ID numbers. ID #5 contains both first and last name. The other problem is ID #18 which contains all of the event information. I need to have the names come out something like "Steve L." instead of say " Steve Large" and the events to come out as "Sparring" not "Sparring - $75.00" as the string is in the table. Then I will be done. Being a newbie and not so great at code I have tried several things but have not gotten it to work fo
  5. Hi Barry, Made it home OK from Victoria and tried your code out in WordPress. Works great! So much less code than the original stuff I was working with from WPForms. Thanks a bunch! Last but not least must now try to work on some PHP that will trim the last name down to an initial plus a period like "Steve L.". Also had to take off the prices for the events in the events column (both were privacy issues that the tournament organizers had requested). Will try to adapt some of the code from the WPForms PHP and hope I can get it to work with the code you gave me which I like a lot more.
  6. Hi Barry, Thanks again? Had tried the Select entry_id before but got an "ambiguous" error. Must go for cancer treatments in Victoria B.C. now and it takes about 2 hours to get there. Not ignoring you. Thank you for all your help so far. Still need to work on getting the output to show up in WordPress when I get back if I am not too tired. Will get back to you when I return. Steve
  7. Hi Barry, Very nice job! Can I still use my modification in the MySQL statement to restrict the entries to only those with a "completed" status. In order to do this I would still need to initiate a join somehow with the "wp_wpforms_entries" table based on the output from the "status" column? Steve
  8. Hi Barry, Thanks for the quick response. I know that the MySQL is correct just can't seem to get the PHP to work. It doesn't seem to error out or cause any problems when I run the script there is just no output. Perhaps it has something to do with the joins where it calls "name" as it does not exist in a separate table anymore but is now in the "value" column of wp_wpforms_entry_fields with it's own ID. Have tried to get rid of the old joins in some of the statements but can't quite get the PHP right as they always seem to error out. Steve
  9. Hi Barry, Long time no talk to. Hope you are keeping safe in your part of the world what with all the bad stuff going on everywhere. I have had to change to a different tournament registration program (WPForms) due to the other program being dumped as regards upgrades and support. I was hoping that I could adapt the code that you had done for me last time but have gotten a bit stuck with the PHP. I have had some success with the MySQL as regards getting the output I need. The difference in the two programs is that you have the name field contained in the same table and table column a
  10. Sorry about that. <?php /** * Custom shortcode to display WPForms form entries. * * Basic usage: [wpforms_entries_table id="FORMID"]. * * Possible shortcode attributes: * id (required) Form ID of which to show entries. * user User ID, or "current" to default to current logged in user. * fields Comma seperated list of form field IDs. * * @link https://wpforms.com/developers/how-to-display-form-entries/ * * @param array $atts Shortcode attributes. * * @return string */ function wpf_entries_table( $atts ) { // Pull ID shortcode attributes. $
  11. Hello, I would like show entries on a list based on their PayPal status. If it is "pending" I don't want them to show on the list. only if their status is "complete". I just recently switched over to WPForms for WordPress. They offer only a basic PHP file that creates a list but they do not support any modifications to that file. What would I need to do to this code to produce the results I need? Please see attached files and code pasted below. Thanks for your help, Steve <?php /** * Custom shortcode to display WPForms form entries. * * Basic usage: [wpform
  12. Hi Barry, Thanks that worked well! Not what I would have thought that I should have used. Nice, now I can use this as a template for any of the other tournament jobs that usually arise three or four times a year. Cheers! Steve
  13. Hi Barry, I was just thinking today what if there were numbers inside the question_id range that I didn't want to include in my list? If you use "BETWEEN" in the query it includes everything between the two numbers and at the end of the PHP code will print everything out. What if I have a range of say 46-51 but I only want to print out 46,47, and 51? Steve
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