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  1. Sorry, I meant: or ($i = 0; $i <= 6; $i++) { $incomeSubtotal += $values[$i] * $periods[$i]; $itemAnnual[i] = $values[$i] * $periods[$i]; } it no longer works, so $itemAnnua[i]l doesnt work when i=2 but $itemAnnual2 does.
  2. How do I re write my code so it's $itemAnnual0 = $values[0] * $periods[0]; $itemAnnual1 = $values[1] * $periods[1]; $itemAnnual2 = $values[2] * $periods[2]; ... $itemAnnual79 = $values[79] * $periods[79]; And for my previous post, I solved it.
  3. Is it something to do with [$i] and return?
  4. On one of my calculators : https://bizztools.net/2017/qccu/bizztools2015_budgetTest.php When you press on the envelope in the middle you can send a form to yourself. Currently it sends all the subtotals for each section .. Income, Personal, Debts etc and I wanted it to now send each individual value. I've added the code in the file that gets used to send the form to the person's email. Header section: for ($i = 0; $i <= 79; $i++) { $item_Annual[$i] = number_format($_REQUEST['itemAnnualDisplay[$i]']); } Body: (each line of the form has a different value for $item_Annual) from 1 to 79 <TD bgcolor="#EEEEEE" align="left" valign="middle" height="1"><Font style="font-family:Arial; font-size: 12px;"><font color="#000000">&nbsp;&nbsp;'.$currencySymbol.$item_Annual[1].' &nbsp;</TD> I've also added the return code in the calculations php file. This section of code is just for the Income sub section for ($i = 0; $i <= 6; $i++) { $incomeSubtotal += $values[$i] * $periods[$i]; $itemAnnual[$i] = $values[$i] * $periods[$i]; $return['itemAnnualDisplay[$i]'] = $itemAnnual[$i]; } //New addtions are lines 3 and 4, the others were already there Now, I've done some process of elimination and when testing to see if $periods[$i] and values[$i] would show up on the form, the values were zero for each. So each $itemAnnual[$i]is calculated to be $0. You can see from the form screenshot, the subtotals are calculating, but the individual items are not. Could this have anything to do with the form on the calculator page? It's in bootstrap. Help please!!
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