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    PHP Help

    Hi Kichen, thanks. i am not very well about assamly. My case it's look lkie this: At the time my "CLIENT" will read php file -> change database (a col). My "WEB" have to show "Content" in database(a col) i want it show imedicly no delay or very "shorts delay". But how i can do it -> only continuity read my database(a col) right ???.
  2. TinLy

    PHP Help

    Hi Ginerjm, "Who is doing the changing" answer my web & client (pcb) both can "change" that database by php file. My own server. THANKS.
  3. TinLy

    PHP Help

    Hi Ginerjim, I need to check a signle column on a signle record. I save last "content" in 'var' and compare in next cycle. But if i do like this, i have to run "query" again, agian.... many time per hour -> got over maximum litmit "query" per hour. It's posible get "content" of a colum without run "query". Or can run only one "query" after that just re-use. THANKS
  4. TinLy

    PHP Help

    Hello taquitosensei, actually I try to use the free server for my website because I use it to learn better without having to pay. And I used the same method as you said. My server (web) contacted my client (pcb) via a file.txt. But you know what, speed is not acceptable. it's too slow Hi Ginerjm, thanks for your interested. I only care 1 column in my table. If it's changed then "do something".
  5. TinLy

    PHP Help

    Hi kichen, The problem is that I need to communicate my website with another customer (my pcb) by through my database. Do you have any ideas for this case. THANKS
  6. TinLy

    PHP Help

    Hello everyone, I just started coding php. I have a website on which is connected to my database by php file on server. but I had a problem, I need to check when my database changes then "do something". But my "Hosting" has counted my "query" and the problem is "maximum query per hour". Is there any way to check my database without running "query". THANKS😃 <?php $table = $_GET["table"]; $col = $_GET["column"]; $db_connect = mysqli_connect("server", "user", "pass", "dbname"); if (!$db_connect) { die('Could not connect: ' . mysqli_error()); } else { echo 'Connected successfully'; } $sql = "SELECT $col FROM $table"; $result = mysqli_query($db_connect, $sql); if (mysqli_num_rows($result) > 0) { $row = mysqli_fetch_assoc($result); echo "". $row[$col].""; } else { echo "0 results"; } mysqli_close($db_connect); ?>

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