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    PHP errors Help needed

    Hi The function calls up extra pages when the streamshare function is live The visual side of the site has the function to browse these but its disabled at the vendor The plugin connects to them via an API - so whilst the values aint defined its trying to parse them Keith
  2. KeithW

    PHP errors Help needed

    The var dump showed "NULL" on white screen So I assumed that the value isn't set so the foreach shouldn't be ran But when the result is defined it should pass and complete the foreach PS Im not a programmer, just starting out :-( Keith
  3. KeithW

    PHP errors Help needed

    This is what Ive put Not sure if its right function streamshare_rewrite_rules(){ $resortPro = ResortPro(); $rules = $resortPro->ssml_routes_for_search_results_pages(); if(is_array($rules) || is_object($rules)){ foreach($rules as $page_s_id => $rule) { add_rewrite_rule(''.$rule.'/(.+)/?','index.php?page_id='.$page_s_id.'&stream_search=$matches[1]','top'); } } }
  4. KeithW

    PHP errors Help needed

    Hi I got up on screen NULL Keith
  5. KeithW

    PHP errors Help needed

    Hi Barand, Not sure where to start with this one, Im new to php Where would I put the Var dump Regards Keith
  6. KeithW

    PHP errors Help needed

    Hi All, Im new to here, so a big HI to all I have been pulling my hair out trying to remove some errors from a wordpress plugin, the vendor says its fine but when you end up with log files over 40MB and have to delete each few days I'm not convinced From the many lines of my log file I have these [12-Mar-2019 20:48:23 UTC] PHP Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/xxxxxxx/public_html/wp-content/plugins/streamline-core/resortpro.php on line 202 Line starting 199 to 205 of the addressed file function streamshare_rewrite_rules(){ $resortPro = ResortPro(); $rules = $resortPro->ssml_routes_for_search_results_pages(); foreach($rules as $page_s_id => $rule) { add_rewrite_rule(''.$rule.'/(.+)/?','index.php?page_id='.$page_s_id.'&stream_search=$matches[1]','top'); } } Can anyone help me here Regards Keith

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