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  1. //my php code sample <?php include_once('con.php'); if(isset($_POST['username'])){ $message = []; if(empty($_POST['username'])){ $message['username'] = 'username required'; } #some validation continue... $data = $_POST['username']; if (count($errors) === 0){ #ccode... $message['username'] = 'success your name saved'; } } ?> //my jquery ajax $('.username').click(function() { $.ajax({ url: 'user.php', method: 'POST', data: $('.user').serialize(), success: function(data) { swal('Wow!','success message from php','success'); }, error: function(data) { swal('Oops!','error message from php','error'); } }); return false; });
  2. what if user click the link by tomorrow at the same time
  3. how to calculate the difference between the current datetime from the stored one(ie date_field = 2020-08-09 23:13:06) in order to compare with 15min, i mean if the resulted time exceed 15 min and not the same day(date) the provided link will show expire message. i.e $some_variable = $date_in_db - current_date; if((time() - $some_variable > 15*60) && not the same day or the same day){ echo 'the link has expired'; }
  4. yes how? if you don't understand what do i mean, look on the textarea input, when i type some data in list format they are going to be saved in single column but i cant retrieve them as list but a single paragraph. why?
  5. But i have this question why I get undefined variable, when the field in mysql database is set to null value/type.
  6. thank you guys, it is working, i added alias on each table column and using if condition to detect if the data come from first table redirect to first page else second page
  7. My query look like this SELECT pr_id, pr_name FROM pr WHERE pr_name LIKE :q UNION SELECT pt_id, pt_name FROM pt WHERE pt_name LIKE :q The problem is when we search it combine all pr_id and pt_id in a single column and all I'd can be retrieved by using pr_id. So when user click the link which carry pt_id it redirect to the page with pr_id details. Help
  8. I have two table in my database combined by using UNION, when it come to searching via search form, all data are retrieved as expected, but the problem come when i click the link that has the data from second table it redirecting to the page with first table details. Assume i have retrieved data using while loop and the UNION. while($search = $query->fetch()) {?> <div> <a href="pageone.php?po=<?php echo $search['pr_id'];?>">Read More...</a> </div> <?php }?> //the result become <a href="pageone.php?po=1">Read More...</a> <a href="pageone.php?pt=3">Read More...</a> //But what if data come from both first and second table in a database, i want the link become to be as <a href="pageone.php?po=1">Read More...</a> <a href="pagetwo.php?pt=3">Read More...</a> // any idea please
  9. How can I instruct user with normal php, Since normal php depend on form submission while the plugin help and instruct user to fill correct data
  10. How can I add parsley attributes /rules in custom.js file instead of adding them in form field I have <form id="register"> <input type="email" name="email" id="email"> </form> //Js $("#register"). parsley ( //How to write all validation here not inside the input element. );
  11. I'm facing trouble on check box when register form is submitted without check the check button, but when the button is checked the error disappear . can you give me idea why and how to solve this issue. I saw many sites with such kind of button on registration form please any one who can solve this.
  12. Check here If(empty($username){ echo ' user name is required'; } At the same time We have written a jQuery that prompt the message 'user name is required' if he/she submit an empty value. Here all warning message will be printed at the same time, and it is going to be a bad idea since we have two messages at the same time. So how to handle this?!
  13. Is jquery/Ajax better than real/raw PHP for form validation ?! What if JavaScript is turned off on the browser?! why after someone refreshing a page on the browser, the variables used to echo error after invalid data is being submitted will return the undefined variables error?! And how to handle form validation including an empty form field, maximum amount of value entered and so on
  14. Thanks you guys I solved the problem. It was the view part not a PHP code
  15. Here the data is sent in a database but the echo '<span>Hi '.$name.'</b>,subscription is now active.</span>'; doesn't work. In else statement
  16. All queries are inserted successfully but why this statement is not showing on page to tell user about subscription is sent successfully This one echo '<span>Hi '.$name.'</b>,subscription is now active.</span>';
  17. The first echo after The echo after the above code is show and it is okey but the problem is there on the echo after insertion of data the echo doesn't show the given success message on the page
  18. <?php global $con; $name = $_GET['name']; $email = $_GET['email']; if((!empty($name)) && (!empty($email))){ $check = $con->prepare('SELECT email FROM subs WHERE email = ?'); $check->execute([$email]); $row = $check->fetch(); if($email == $row['email']){ echo '<span>'.$email.' already in database, try another email!.</span>'; }else{ $subscribe = $con->prepare('INSERT INTO subs (name, email) VALUES (?, ?)'); $subscribe->execute([$name, $email]); if($subscribe){ echo '<span>Hi '.$name.'</b>,subscription is now active.</span>'; }else{ echo '<span>Try again</span>'; } } }else{ echo '<span>please enter something</span>'; } ?> the problem found at if($subscribe){ //the echo not showing the span element when data is inserted } any help please?
  19. no i dont want this /article/this-is-new-product to /article?title=this-is-new-product i want this /article?title=this%20is%20new%20product to be /article/this-is-new-product check here RewriteRule ^([a-zA-Z0-9]+)$ article.php?title=$1 RewriteRule ^([a-zA-Z0-9]+)/$ article.php?title=$1
  20. i dont have that, but i have the link like below if you have an example of an .htaccess to make a clean url please help me. //the title <div class="title"> <a href="<?php echo 'article? title='.$title['title'];?>" ><?php echo $title['title'];?></a> </div> which produce this after being clicked http://localhost/mysite/article?title=this is new%20product but i want to get this http://localhost/mysite/article/this-is-new-product if i try to use str_replace then there is no result shown after clicking the link
  21. One sure-fire way to get people to not help you is to tag them and plead for their help. What RewriteRule have you tried to do this? "Can't" do that with just mod_rewrite. The problem is that you want to replace spaces with hyphens. What you can do is rewrite /article/this-is-new-product to /article?title=this-is-new-product. So first make your article.php support that. When that's ready, What RewriteRule have you tried to do this? check on the htacess above
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