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    Help for merging php code (easy)

    Thank you, but even this is beyond my understanding. I guess I need a suggestion with the resulting code here
  2. Hello guys, I don't really know php but I am always been able to copy/paste it and move stuff around on my wordpress website until now. This last challenge is beyond my skills though (I am sure it will be trivial for you). So I have this code snippet to show a video duration <?php global $post; $video = cbc_get_video_data( $post ); if( $video ) { echo $video->get_human_duration(); } ?> And I have this code to show a post title if ($show_title) { $title_content .= apply_filters( 'uncode_before_body_title', '' ); $title_content .= '<div class="post-title-wrapper"><h1 class="post-title">' . get_the_title() . '</h1>'; $title_content .= uncode_post_info() . '</div>'; $title_content .= apply_filters( 'uncode_after_body_title', '' ); } I want to show the video duration right before the post title and in line with it, so inside the h1 tag. How to do that? Thanks for any help!

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