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  1. WOW!! I just got it working like a charm.. Thank you @mac_gyver -for taking your time to provide such a detailed explanation. You've really assisted me (and future others) a whole lot! Your post was 100% helpful, that's exactly what I needed to do. Now populating the highlight_dates[] from the database is a piece of ?. ???
  2. @mac_gyver Thanks again, im getting closer.. (but before I create the dates[] like you suggested), I want to just create a loop to mark the 1st 7days for instance Here's what I did (don't laugh at my output) $mydays = null; for ($k = 1; $k <= 7; $k++) { if ($cellContent == $k && $this->currentMonth == $today_mon && $this->currentYear == $today_yea) { $class_day = "calendar_today"; } else { $class_day = "calendar_days"; } $mydays .= '<div class="' . $class_day . '">' . $cellContent . '<
  3. Thanks mac_gyver, that makes a lot of sense. Im trying to do that now
  4. If I'm able to sucessfully mark the first 5days, then I can mark any number of dates from a database. Thanks again!
  5. Hi ginerjm… thanks for your response. I’m trying to use a loop to mark the first 5 days using $k). I modified the public function show() like this: (I added " for ($k = 1; $k <= 5; $k++) { $content .= $this->_showBirthdays($i * 7 + $j, $k); } ") and also created the _showBirthdays() like this: (" private function _showBirthdays($cellNumber, $k) { if ($this->currentDay == 0) { $firstDayOfTheWeek = date(‘N’, strtotime($this->currentYear . ‘-’ . $this->currentMonth . ‘-01’)); if (intval($cellNumber) == intval($firstDayOfTheWeek)) { $this->currentDay = 1; }
  6. Hello, I found this great free php calandar script here "" by Xu and Alessandro, and I'm trying to modify the code to mark several dates(birthdays YYYY-mm-dd) from a date column in a sql database. I've played around with the _showDay() method but I can't seem to get it working.. I've also tried to create a _showBirthday() method to modify the css as well but with no luck. What I'm trying to do is loop through the database to mark the respective dates on the calendar, and have a href to display a new page with the person's name when I click the specific date. Can anyone help with this
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