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  1. you have missed input type name <input type="submit" name="submit" value="Submit"> if(isset($_POST[''submit'])){ //get the form data }
  2. I can print easily from my pc connected with usb pos machine.I have installed driver , so that it works fine. EscPos.php try { // Enter the device file for your USB printer here // You can check the tutorial here: https://mike42.me/blog/2015-03-getting-a-usb-receipt-printer-working-on-linux $connector = new FilePrintConnector("/dev/usb/lp0"); /* Print a "Hello world" receipt" */ $printer = new Printer($connector); $printer -> text("Hello World!\n"); $printer -> cut(); /* Close printer */ $printer -> close(); } catch (Exception $e) { echo "Couldn't print to this printer: " . $e -> getMessage() . "\n"; } myform.php when i submitted a form data , it is redirecting escpos.php for printing and it prints. but i don't want like that. I want when i will submit form, it will be print directly current page without redirecting to escpos.php.
  3. I am running on local machine now. later i will move to live server. can you understand my issues?
  4. this is html submit button. when i will submit form, it will hit pos printer directly .
  5. I am faruk. I live in Bangladesh. I am a php developer. I have a blogging site like http://www.farukweb.com/
  6. I am making a pos(point of sale) application using object oriented php. I have found thermal receipt printers support ESC/POS . i want that when i will press button to print directly , it will do automatically. anyone can help me please. Thanks in advance.
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