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  1. Ok Sir when I input in form and click on submit it creates qrcode and stores in database but I am stuck at the point when the user wants to edit the qrcode.
  2. hello sir, I have created website where a user can create qr code by submitting data in form. I want users to edit qr code as well do you know how to do it ? I have added qr code reader but it reads that data in qr code but I want the data to be edited by user.
  3. OHH, thanks chorn I will let you guys update after doing that decoding in PHP. Thanks for your responses.
  4. ok great chorn how to do that will you help ?
  5. https://ibb.co/9rbCCDn see this picture for more clarification. you can see that I will add a upload option to the user and when the user uploads the qrcode the details should appear in the form at left side.
  6. Hello guys I have created a form and after entering details in the form user will click the generate button after that will get the qrcode. The problem I am facing is that when a user wants to change the qrcode details then it should upload the qrcode and change but how to do it I have no Idea any help will be appreciated. The QRcode created using the PHP library. If you need some more information then you can reply m.
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