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  1. * Which element of the Corps would you like to apply to? WCC NavyWCC ArmyWCC Air ForceWCC MarinesWCC Coast GuardWCC Space By pressing the Apply for WCC Basic Training button you hereby agree that all work done by you on behalf of the WCC becomes the property of the Web Cadet Corps including all copyright. You also agree that all information provided by yourself and sent in any email or form can be stored on the WCC server. This information will be kept secure and not given to anyone outside of the WCC. For Security reason's your IP Address has been logged: Check Required Fields Wont let me upload another image, but in red is the message when ALL fields are filled in
  2. this is when i leave all entries empty
  3. thank you guys for the detailed replies. At least i have a starting point to work from now. I will go and look at these and see where i get.
  4. I commented out the isset code, then it just hangs when submitted
  5. It had not pasted very well. I’ll edit and make it more readable
  6. Ok, through trial and error I think it’s the Ajax file that’s failing. Leave the form black, it lists the missing fields, as it should. Fill in every one, it says fields missing! <?php $bypassSecCheck = true; require_once("/home/webcadet/public_html/mywcc/*************"); require_once("/home/webcadet/public_html/mywcc/Connections/recaptchalib.php"); function addNewMember($NameLast, $NameFirst, $EMail, $EMail2, $DOB, $Gender, $Referer1, $Country, $Province, $City, $ICQ, $MSN, $YAHOO, $AIM, $AOL, $AboutSelf, $WhyJoined, $ValidationCode, $Password, $Status, $rank, $class, $force, $platoon, $section) { global $link, $userDate; $GLOBALS['dbMYWCC']->connect(); $data = array(); $data['NameLast'] = $NameLast; $data['NameFirst'] = $NameFirst; $data['Status'] = $Status; $data['Rank'] = $rank; $data['Class'] = $class; $data['Force'] = $force; $data['EMail'] = $EMail; $data['EMail2'] = $EMail2; $data['Password'] = $Password; $data['DateJoined'] = $userDate->currentGMT("string"); $data['MSN'] = $MSN; $data['ICQ'] = $ICQ; $data['AOL'] = $AOL; $data['Yahoo'] = $YAHOO; $data['WhyJoined'] = $WhyJoined; $data['AboutSelf'] = $AboutSelf; $data['Referer'] = $Referer1; $data['Country'] = $Country; $data['Province'] = $Province; $data['City'] = $City; $data['DOB'] = $DOB; $data['Gender'] = $Gender; $data['EMailValidationCode'] = $ValidationCode; $data['EMailValidated'] = '0'; $data['MemberType'] = 'Regular'; $data['Platoon'] = $platoon; $data['Section'] = $section; $data['LeavingPageWarningShow'] = '1'; $data['LeavingPageWarningDate'] = strtotime(gmdate("Y-m-d H:i:s")); $Result1 = $GLOBALS['dbMYWCC']->insert_array('wcc_admin', $data); if ($Result1 > 0) { return true; }else { return false; } return($Result1); } if (isset($_POST)) { $requiredFields = array(); $requiredFields['0'] = "NameLast"; $requiredFields['1'] = "NameFirst"; $requiredFields['2'] = "EMail"; $requiredFields['3'] = "EMail2"; $requiredFields['4'] = "Country"; $requiredFields['5'] = "Force"; $requiredFieldsNames = array(); $requiredFieldsNames['0'] = "NameLast"; $requiredFieldsNames['1'] = "NameFirst"; $requiredFieldsNames['2'] = "EMail"; $requiredFieldsNames['3'] = "EMail2"; $requiredFieldsNames['4'] = "Country"; $requiredFieldsNames['5'] = "Force"; $foundD = array(); $foundD['0'] = "missing"; $foundD['1'] = "missing"; $foundD['2'] = "missing"; $foundD['3'] = "missing"; $foundD['4'] = "missing"; $foundD['5'] = "missing"; $i = 0; $runRestofForm = true; $temp = ""; echo "Check Required Fields"; while ($i < count($requiredFields)) { if (is_null($_POST[$requiredFields[$i]]) || $_POST[$requiredFields[$i]] == "") { $runRestofForm = false; $foundD[$i] = "missing"; }else { $foundD[$i] = "found"; } $i++; } if ($runRestofForm == false) { echo "<font color='red'><strong>The Following Fields are Missing: "; echo "<br />"; foreach ($foundD as $key => $val) { if ($val == "missing") { echo " => " . $requiredFieldsNames[$key] . "<br />"; } } echo "</strong></font>"; } else { //Run Captcha Check //Captcha Check $publickey = "6Le29AQAAAAAACRNYqNRRZIZSUlv19J2zHx3eJVP"; // you got this from the signup page $privatekey = "6Le29AQAAAAAAB9Yf3Pj2dzN3e8_j8NVjTs1k612"; //$resp = recaptcha_check_answer ($privatekey, //$_SERVER["REMOTE_ADDR"], //$_POST["recaptcha_challenge_field"], //$_POST["recaptcha_response_field"]); $secretKey = "6LfgeAcUAAAAAIwFHVsuxDTOetivOqq4Rn7wIhdd"; $ip = $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR']; $captcha=$_POST['g-recaptcha-response']; $resp=file_get_contents("https://www.google.com/recaptcha/api/siteverify?secret=".$secretKey."&response=".$captcha."&remoteip=".$ip); $responseKeys = json_decode($resp,true); if ($responseKeys["success"] !== true) { echo "<font color='red'>Incorrect RE-CAPTCHA. Please Try Again." . $responseKeys['error-codes'][0] . "</font>"; }else { if ($_POST['Force'] == "Air Force") { $rank = "NE(WCCAF)"; $force = "WCC"; }else if ($_POST['Force'] == "Army") { $rank = "NE(WCCA)"; $force = "WCC"; }else if ($_POST['Force'] == "Coast Guard") { $rank = "NE(WCCCG)"; $force = "WCC"; }else if ($_POST['Force'] == "Marines") { $rank = "NE(WCCM)"; $force = "WCC"; }else if ($_POST['Force'] == "Navy") { $rank = "NE(WCCN)"; $force = "WCC"; }else if ($_POST['Force'] == "Space") { $rank = "NE(WCCS)"; $force = "WCC"; } $password = password_hash($_POST['Password']); $GLOBALS['dbMYWCC']->connect(); $select2 = "SELECT * FROM wcc_misc_config WHERE `unit`='".$force."' AND `configname`='join_form_platoon'"; $r2 = $GLOBALS['dbMYWCC']->select($select2); while ($row_Jobs=$GLOBALS['dbMYWCC']->get_row($r2, 'MYSQL_ASSOC')) { $platoon = $row_Jobs['field1']; $section = $row_Jobs['field2']; } $result = addNewMember($_POST['NameLast'], $_POST['NameFirst'], $_POST['EMail'], $_POST['EMail2'], $_POST['DOB'], $_POST['Gender'], $_POST['Referer1'], $_POST['Country'], $_POST['Province'], $_POST['City'], $_POST['ICQ'], $_POST['MSN'], $_POST['YAHOO'], $_POST['AIM'], $_POST['AOL'], mysql_escape_string($_POST['AboutSelf']), mysql_escape_string($_POST['WhyJoined']), $_POST['ValidationCode'], $password, $_POST['Status'], $rank, $_POST['Class'], $force, $platoon, $section); if ($result > 0 || $result == true) { require('/home/webcadet/public_html/mywcc/mail/mail_newjoinform.php'); require('/home/webcadet/public_html/mywcc/mail/mail_joinform_notification.php'); $memberr = new Member($_POST['EMail']); $memberID = $memberr->ID; $memberr->addToOldPasswords ($password); $memberr->addEMailValidation($memberID, $_POST['EMail'], $_POST['Password'], $_POST['ValidationCode']); ?> <script lang="en" language="javascript" type="text/javascript"> document.getElementById('form_join_new').style.display = 'none'; </script> <div align='center'> <strong> <font size='2'> You're application has been submitted successfully! Welcome to the Web Cadet Corps, you will be receiving a confirmation e-mail shortly with a link to verify your e-mail. You will also receive instructions on beginning your recruit training. </font> </strong> </div> <?php } } } }else { echo "ERROR No Submission found"; } ?>
  7. Ok, I see what you are getting at
  8. It won’t let me post any more on that page, says I’ve posted Max for today ! I’m struggling to copy and paste code as on iPad and keeps crashing as too big, so screen shots are best I can do. where will I get error message from?
  9. If it helps the page it relates to is: https://www.webcadets.com/administration/forms/rtform.php
  10. Hi Guys, new to php and taken on the on the challenge of a web site written years ago, using old code. Various parts are failing but the main issue is the join form. I have gone over and over it but I cannot find the issue. I’ve asked else where but just been told to post the error. The only error I get is that the fields are not filled in, when they are. If I post code ( if it allows ) can someone please help me?
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