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  1. $url = 'https://www.valuationexpo.com/charleston-schedule/'; $content = file_get_contents($url); $first_step = explode( '<article id="page-6417" class="mpcth-page post-6417 page type-page status-publish hentry">' , $content ); $second_step = explode("</article>" , $first_step[0] ); echo $second_step[0]; Looking to pull the content in the article id="page-6417" element. Is this the best way to do so?
  2. tobeyt23

    Regex to Pull just the number

    i got it $matches = array(); preg_match('/:(.*?)\-/s', $license, $matches); $license = $matches[1];
  3. tobeyt23

    Regex to Pull just the number

    I suck at regex! i need to pull just the number after "[License Number:" and between "-Expiration Date:11/19/2018-State Issued:CA]" in the below, how would I do that. [License Number:AG013440-Expiration Date:11/19/2018-State Issued:CA] Thanks in advance
  4. tobeyt23

    Banking API

    Does anyone know of a banking api that would allow payments to be sent via acct, routing number to another acct routing number? Dont wanna use a merchant service just bank to bank directly
  5. tobeyt23

    Timestamp Difference

    I have a table with status in or out and then a timestamp. How can i calculate the time difference between them?
  6. tobeyt23

    Qr Code to Vcard

    I already have a php script to create a Qr Code with a vcard. What I would like to do is create a Qr Code that is a link that then generates a vcard on the fly which a phone can read. Reason being is I would like the the most recent contact info to be loaded when the code is scanned. What i would like to ask is this a good solution or do you all suggest another way of meeting this need? Thanks in advance!
  7. tobeyt23

    Array Layout Help

  8. tobeyt23

    Array Layout Help

    these are in tables
  9. tobeyt23

    Array Layout Help

    Ok I am having a brain fart and/or not enough coffee! See the below array: Array ( [0] => Array ( [breed_name] => Boxer [dog_name] => Fred ) [1] => Array ( [breed_name] => Labrador Retriever [dog_name] => Roxy ) [2] => Array ( [breed_name] => Labrador Retriever [dog_name] => Semper ) [3] => Array ( [breed_name] => Mixed Breed [dog_name] => Bronchito ) [4] => Array ( [breed_name] => Mixed Breed [dog_name] => Fonz ) [5] => Array ( [breed_name] => Mixed Breed [dog_name] => Triton ) ) I need to lay this out like so: Boxer - Fred Labrador Retriever - Roxy, Semper Mixed Breed - Bronchito, Fonz, Triton Any help would be appreciated as i am just banging my head currently!
  10. tobeyt23

    Laravel or Cakephp

    Thank you very much! On an off subject what is good to begin in .net asp and c#
  11. tobeyt23

    Laravel or Cakephp

    Which framework is better and why? Or what other framework?
  12. How do you find values in the same table that are a like?
  13. tobeyt23

    How to find duplicates

    I have a table with addresses in them and need to find the duplicates. Some address will be like 1000 somewhere st or 1000 somewhere Street or 100 main street ste 100 or 100 main st Suite 100. How can i match them up? table would be like this: id address city state zip Thanks
  14. tobeyt23

    Change value in XML

  15. tobeyt23

    Change value in XML

    Any help would be greatful, I am banging my head here!

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