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  1. $url = 'https://www.valuationexpo.com/charleston-schedule/'; $content = file_get_contents($url); $first_step = explode( '<article id="page-6417" class="mpcth-page post-6417 page type-page status-publish hentry">' , $content ); $second_step = explode("</article>" , $first_step[0] ); echo $second_step[0]; Looking to pull the content in the article id="page-6417" element. Is this the best way to do so?
  2. i got it $matches = array(); preg_match('/:(.*?)\-/s', $license, $matches); $license = $matches[1];
  3. I suck at regex! i need to pull just the number after "[License Number:" and between "-Expiration Date:11/19/2018-State Issued:CA]" in the below, how would I do that. [License Number:AG013440-Expiration Date:11/19/2018-State Issued:CA] Thanks in advance
  4. Does anyone know of a banking api that would allow payments to be sent via acct, routing number to another acct routing number? Dont wanna use a merchant service just bank to bank directly
  5. I have a table with status in or out and then a timestamp. How can i calculate the time difference between them?
  6. I already have a php script to create a Qr Code with a vcard. What I would like to do is create a Qr Code that is a link that then generates a vcard on the fly which a phone can read. Reason being is I would like the the most recent contact info to be loaded when the code is scanned. What i would like to ask is this a good solution or do you all suggest another way of meeting this need? Thanks in advance!
  7. Ok I am having a brain fart and/or not enough coffee! See the below array: Array ( [0] => Array ( [breed_name] => Boxer [dog_name] => Fred ) [1] => Array ( [breed_name] => Labrador Retriever [dog_name] => Roxy ) [2] => Array ( [breed_name] => Labrador Retriever [dog_name] => Semper ) [3] => Array ( [breed_name] => Mixed Breed [dog_name] => Bronchito ) [4] => Array ( [breed_name] => Mixed Breed [dog_name] => Fonz ) [5] => Array ( [breed_name] => Mixed Breed [dog_name] => Triton ) ) I need to lay this out like so: Boxer - Fred Labrador Retriever - Roxy, Semper Mixed Breed - Bronchito, Fonz, Triton Any help would be appreciated as i am just banging my head currently!
  8. Thank you very much! On an off subject what is good to begin in .net asp and c#
  9. Which framework is better and why? Or what other framework?
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