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  1. Hello - I need a way to execute a stored procedure from a wordpress site with an external database where the stored procedure is housed. I am very limited in php code. All I know is from what little I have used My Custom Functions plugin. Please be very detailed. This stored procedure I run truncates and re-populates a number of tables I use for various reports. I am pulling data from the wp db and creating tables in the external db which make the data easier to read than through the wp meta data. The tables are housed in a separate db so as not to slow down the wp db. The hosting company does not allow 'Events' to run on the mySql db so I am left with figuring out how to create a cron job using a php file which would be the best. Aside from that, I thought a button on an admin page for execution would make it easier if I have to do it be hand. Thanks for your help.
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