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  1. Hello Barand, One last request please, i just noticed that when i click link and arrive at second page, i dont have any back link. Can you please help me with the pagination section of the code. Thanks a million
  2. Hello Barand, The problem is solved, this code that you suggested fixed it: 'page' => $current_page, <-- CHANGED You really helped me thanks a lot, you have a new fan. Will be making donations pretty soon. Thanks again Stanley
  3. Hi Barand, Thanks so much, the italian.php is now automatically added to the url like this: http://localhost/menuboard/italian.php?page=1&country=Italian But even when you click on link for page 2, the page always = 1 So you dont actually go to any subsequent page corresponding to the link you clicked. You remain at the index page.
  4. Hello Barand, yes it does work when i put italian and page=2 in the url and takes me rightly to page 2 this is the url that works but i had to put back italian.php in the url manually: http://localhost/board/italian.php?page=2&country=Italian
  5. Hello Barand, let me check that now Thanks so much for replying
  6. Guys thanks for helping me solve the problem i had but now i have another problem and i am lost. i have included the code below for you to have overview. On the home page the url shows how it should be: http://localhost/board/italian.php?country=Italian BUT When you mouse over the NEXT link to go to next page you get this : http://localhost/board/?page=1&country=Italian and then an error 404 when you click on the link page = 1 no matter if you are mousing over link for page 5 or 2 This is the code: <table style="width:100%; margin-left:auto; margin-right:auto"> <?php $items_per_page = 5;//how many records/rows to display per page $page_url = "http://".$_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'].$_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']; $cleaned_current_page_country = htmlspecialchars($_GET["country"]); $page_number = (isset($_GET['page']))? filter_var($_GET['page']) : 1; //$page_number = filter_var($_GET['page']); //$page_number = $_GET['page']; $selected_restaurant_type = $_GET['country']; // find number of rows in the db $query = "SELECT * FROM menu_update WHERE special_of_theday = 1 AND restaurant_type = '".$selected_restaurant_type."' "; $query_result = mysqli_query($connection, $query); $row_count = mysqli_fetch_array($query_result); $total_rows = mysqli_num_rows($query_result); $expected_number_of_pages = ceil($total_rows/$items_per_page); //expected number of pages $page_position = (($page_number - 1) * $items_per_page); //get starting position to fetch record //fetch a group of records using sql LIMIT clause $query = "SELECT * FROM menu_update WHERE special_of_theDay = 1 AND restaurant_type = '".$selected_restaurant_type."' LIMIT " .$page_position. ',' .$items_per_page; $query_result = mysqli_query($connection, $query); ?> <table width="100%" border=0> <tr bgcolor = "#cccccc"> <td>Meal</td> <td>Meal name</td> <td>Meal Price</td> <td>Order Now</td> <td>Full Menu</td> <td>Our Gallery</td> <td>Find Us</td> <td>Our Chef</td> <td>Our Manager</td> </tr> <?php while($row_count = mysqli_fetch_array($query_result)){ echo "<tr>"; echo" <td style ='width:200px; text-align:center; height:120px; background:#eaedf2'><a href='meal_fullPic.php'><img src= ".$row_count['img']." /></a></td> <td style ='width:119px; text-align:center; height:120px; background:#eaedf2'> ".$row_count['meal_name']."</td> <td style ='width:100px; text-align:center; height:120px; background:#eaedf2'>".$row_count['price']."</td> <td style ='width:100px; text-align:center; height:120px; background:#eaedf2'><a href='order_processor.php'><img src= ".$row_count['order_now']." /></a></td> <td style ='width:100px; text-align:center; height:120px; background:#eaedf2'><a href='full_menu.php'><img src= ".$row_count['full_menu_img']." /></a></td> <td style ='width:170px; text-align:center; height:120px; background:#eaedf2'><a href='restaurant_gallery.php'><img src= ".$row_count['restaurant_pic']." /></a></td> <td style ='width:100px; text-align:center; height:120px; background:#eaedf2'><a href='restaurant_location.php'><img src= ".$row_count['location_pic']." /></a></td> <td style ='width:119px; height:120px; background:#eaedf2'> ".$row_count['chef_name']."</td> <td style ='width:119px; height:120px; background:#eaedf2'> ".$row_count['admin']."</td> "; echo "</tr>"; } mysqli_close($connection); ?> </table> <div class="board_pagination"> <?php //display the links to the pages for($current_page = 1; $current_page <= $expected_number_of_pages; $current_page++){ if ($page_number != $expected_number_of_pages){ $data = array( 'page' => $page_number, 'country' => $cleaned_current_page_country, ); $the_query = http_build_query($data); $page_url .= '?' . $the_query; echo '<li><a href=" '.$the_query.' ">'.$current_page.'</a></li> '; } } ?> </div> </table>
  7. Guys i am so thankful for all the help and support, i am overwhelmed. I will try every idea suggested about and get back to you guys......Many thanks guys.
  8. this is what i want in the url http://localhost/board/italian.php?page=2&country=italian when this link is clicked echo "<a href='?page=".($page_number + 1)." ".(&)." country=".($cleaned_current_page_country)."'>Next</a>"; but i keep getting this error: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '&' in C:\xampp\htdocs\board\includes\menuboard_main_display.php on line 105 appreciate any help
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