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  1. Hello. I was wondering if anyone could please help with a problem I seem to be having a problem with my foreach loops. I have an array that holds other arrays. When I am trying to populate the database tables with the information in each array, things are going horribly wrong. This is my code: $tabledata = $this->db->get('tableinfo'); $i = 0; $_temp = array(); foreach($tabledata->result() as $row) { $data[$i] = $this->callAPI("lateststandings&records=3&category=" . $row->category . "&distance=" . $row->distance_id); array_push($_temp, $row->dbname); $i++; } $j = 0; foreach($data[$j]['Records']['Record'] as $record) { $record['FirstName'] .= " " . $record['LastName']; $this->db->replace($_temp[$j], $record); $j++; } When this is run 2 things are happening: 1) What I am expecting to happen is, there should be 3 rows added to each table. But only 1 is being added to each table. 2) The 3 rows that are being created (1 in each table), are the 3 rows I am expecting to see in the first table. I am not sure what I am doing wrong in these loops.
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