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  1. That will actually be 1.35 sq metres. In order to calculate the price, I needed to get the entries from mm to a sq metre value. Perhaps my original post was incorrect.
  2. Hello. This is my first post here. I am not an expert developer but I generally manage to do what is asked of me. However, now and then I'm stumped, like now... I have an online database system for our company in which staff can enter JOB related data, this includes 2 dimensions which they enter in millimetres (mm). Here's an example $dimension1 might be entered as 850 $dimension2 might be entered as 1447 $square_metres is the value I need to calculate. Firstly, I need to round both dimensions up to the next 100mm so the 850 in this example would become 900 and the 1447 would become 1500. Once I've done that, I need to calculate the square metres (900mm x 1500mm / 1000 was my first thought) but that raised the second thing; adding a decimal point in the result. 900 x 1500 / 1000 = 1350 but I need the result to be 1.350 I know my way around basic PHP code but I'm no expert by any stretch. If anyone can help me understand how to get this calculation done I would be hugely appreciative. Thank you Martin
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