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  1. Hi requinix. Ok so in order for it to display in the form of 127.0.0.etc.. what do i need to do?
  2. Hi True Member. The outcome is still the same though. I have a feeling it's not the code itself, but something to do with my computer.
  3. Good day everyone. My name is Sbosh am i am still a newbie in PHP as i am still a newbie in the group. Can someone please explain to me why my computer won't display my ip address? I have the following code: <?php $ip_address = $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR']; echo $ip_address; ?> But the output is always some dots and a 1 like so: ::1
  4. Hi Barand thanks it worked. Thanks a lot.
  5. Hi Barand its me Sbosh. Ok I will try your solution and get back to you.
  6. Good day everyone. I go by the nickname Sbosh and I am a newbie in PHP. I am currently learning php using video tutorials. I need help with regards to php queries. I have the following code: "SELECT 'food', 'calories' FROM 'diet' ORDER BY 'id'" which is supposed to display content from a table inside phpmyadmin which i created manually using phpmyadmin. But It gives an error saying i must check the MariaDB version on how to right this query, something like that. Please assist on the proper way of writing this code. Again I am a newbie in PHP and just starting to learn, so your help will be highly appreciated.
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