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  1. roirc

    help mee

    preent screen admin panel
  2. roirc

    help mee

    in add.php you have to enter a line to close the application and in the administration panel to put an on / off button if necessary I can give you the code from add.php
  3. roirc

    help mee

    so I want to insert in the admin panel an on / off button with which I can close this section http://routing-com.roirc.org/add.php and a message will appear for example We do not currently accept new applications
  4. roirc

    help mee

    uite exemplu https://routing-com.roirc.org/add.php ----> https://evilnet.org/routing/add.php
  5. roirc

    help mee

    eu am fisierul add.php si acolo ar trebuii sa introduc o linie si sa pot face on/off din panoul de admin
  6. roirc

    help mee

    este vorba de webul http://routing-com.roirc.org la sectiunea new applications as vrea sa introduc sa pot inchide si redeschide acea sectiune adica cand este inchis sa apara un mesaj momentan nu acceptam applicatii noi.... precizez ca webul are panou de administrare si mysql
  7. Hello I have a web in php and I would like to make some changes can anyone help me? preferably if there is someone who knows Romanian to explain more concretely
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