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  1. I need some help here. I am trying to shell this site. Here is the name of the site I am trying to shell: http://jonjs.lv. So I help shelling this site. And also I need to know on what sites are running the windows servers. Like how do I tell if the sites are running behind the sever. Like windows server 2003 or windows 2008 servers? That’s what I wanted to know from you. And also how do I tell which sites are vulnerable? Like would I use google dorks for this? That’s what I am trying to figure out. So just let me know on what I am saying. And I am not sure on what php shell to use. How about wso shell or family code backdoor shell? I’m not sure what shell to use. So just let me know that. Anyway, so get back to me and let me know which sites are vulnerable. And I need to know on if they are running Windows severs. So kindly respond back soon. So thanks a lot.
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