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  1. I didn't ask for such advice. And I am not lame to use stuff like xDebug. I work with real time debugger. Anyone else?
  2. I've been working on Windows in PHP for many years using Zend Studio and Zend Debugger which is great. Now I'm trying to set this up on my Linux Kali installation and I'm having some problems with this. I have installed newest Apache 2.4.46 and PHP 7.4.x from debian repositories (using apt) (strangly the sub-version (x) was not the newest one!). After downloading Zend Debugger and configuring it in php.ini the debugger was not present in phpinfo(). The file downloaded from Zend website (https://www.zend.com/downloads/zend-studio-web-debugger) is named ZendDebugger-linux-x86_64/php-7.
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