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  1. This looks exactly like mine. Mine is only good for one game...there are payouts for every score in the game and that scoring is done manually by me. All the squares must be sold before the numbers in the left hand and bottom panels are randomly generated so no player knows what numbers he will have until the grid is sold out. I collect all money before the game starts either by check, benmo or paypal. If your application is available, I would love to take a look at it assuming it is open source. If it is not open source, let me know the cost of it. I assume it would work with php versions 7.4.x?
  2. Is the application you wrote available either open source or paid?
  3. Rather than trying to explain how this is supposed to work, I have set up the application on a webhost running php version 7.4.16 If you click on a square (you can click on a maximum of 10, you will see that it takes you to a page that is supposed to list the square numbers you have selected. After "fixing" some of the code, this is what that page looks like and as you can see, the square numbers are not being displayed. SuperBowl Squares Application
  4. Thank you both (Barand and mac_gyver) for your responses. This is not coding I have developed...the developer has gone off the grid so I am trying to "fix" the myriad of problems with the code by googling the error messages as they come up. Barand...I assume that the code you asked me to enter was to determine what the POST array contained and if that is the case, this is what was echoed after I selected square # 64 Array ( [sqNum_64] => 64 [sqSelect_Submit] => Submit ) mac_byver...I wouldn't know how to use an array...sorry.
  5. I have been using an application that was working fine using php 5.6.39 but I have to update my version of php to 7.x and am trying to fix the issues relating to that conversion. I am currently running into this error message: Notice: Undefined index: sqNum_00 in C:\usbwebserver865\root\superbowlLV\signup.php on line 23 The block of code that this refers to is as follows: if ( isset($_REQUEST['sqSelect_Submit']) ) { $SQ=0; $SQcount = 100; for ($i=0;$i<$SQcount;$i++) { if ($i<10) { $SQarray[$i] = $_POST["sqNum_0$i"]; } //This is line 23 referenced in the error message else { $SQarray[$i] = $_POST["sqNum_$i"]; } if ( isset($SQarray[$i]) ) { $SQ++; echo $SQarray[$i]." "; echo ('<input type="hidden" name="square_'.$SQ.'" value="'.$SQarray[$i].'">'); echo ('<input type="hidden" name="sqTotal" value="'.$SQ.'">'); if ( $SQ == 10 ) { echo "<p>Maximum of 10 Squares per selection</p>"; break; } // limit to 10 } } Any assistance provided would be greatly appreciated. BTW, this error message is repeated for the 100 squares in the grid such as sqNum_01 etc. although it always refers to the same line number.
  6. I've been helping OldGrim with the calendar module for out blog and have come up with a problem. The calendar is working great except for this and I'm wondering if it is supposed to be like this or not. When you click on the arrow to go to the previous month, and click on an active date, the article is displayed as it should be but if you then click the arrow to return to the next month (from whatever month you are in), there is no display in the left hand panel. If you check it out on OldGrim's site, you will see what I mean. If it supposed to be like that, then so be it, but I thought I would check. Here is his url: Blog Calendar Thanks.
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