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  1. thank you requinix!, that helped, i ended up using the below code: function logText($text) { $ts = date("D d-m-y h:i A",time()); $toLog = "[" . $ts . "] " . $text; file_put_contents( "logFile.txt",$toLog); //fwrite($fh, $toLog."\n"); //fclose($fh); } this has time stamp in a formatt that i want to easily read.
  2. so is this possible? could someone just please modify that script to overwrite on the file? instead of appending or prepending? i tried "w" and "w+" ..and didnt seem to work.
  3. no, its not an actual server, its just a server script, to receive a from a client script (via sockets)... but that is not relevant to this part of the script, i dont think. when the server script runs, it will post this message to let me know that its started the last time, (as you said).. i dont really need to see logs, just need to know the last time it started. so instead of appending or prepending to the file, i dont need to see all those logs, just the single one line.
  4. its just a server script (in ahk) that starts a server and it will just post to that message, but i am not sure how its all going to work out, and just going step by step (so i dont have the full details of how i want the things to be yet) i could also login via temviewer and see if the program started, but this way i can just see it on the logs, instead of loginto my home computer( sometimes my wife uses it and dont need to interrupt her while in the middle of work)
  5. yeah, i am just to get my home computers post 1 line, so it can read 1 message. when an program starts, that way i know its running and what time it started. also, i read on that link prior to posting, but those modes are either prepend, or append to the file, not sure how to overwrite it though
  6. i got the below code from google, need to adapt it to use, it works, but i just need it to over write on the file instead of appending to the file , please help, i am not a coder nor understand much of this, if someone could change it for me please: function logText($text) { $ts = date("D d-m-y h:i A",time()); $toLog = "[" . $ts . "] " . $text; $fh = fopen("logFile.txt", 'a'); fwrite($fh, $toLog."\n"); fclose($fh); }
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