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  1. @benanamen if you can not find a solution to the problem, you can just pass have a nice day Hal
  2. @requinix, that's an alternative solution but require a server, which i don't have right now i think some developpers should be able to write a simple htaccess and index.php code that do just that with one domain
  3. @requinix is it easy to bulk redirect hundreths/thousands domain to the target domain if you redirect one by one, it is hunndreths/thousands redirect inside these registrar backoffice who can be take anything from 1 minutes upto 3 minutes per redirect so after it is setup, it take 15min to redirect all the domains versus a few hours/days to process each domain one by one
  4. the htaccess code will be hosted on the root of MyRedirectDomain.com as show in the illustration how to catch the origin domain in a variable and reuse it for the destination the use is to forward 100 or 10K domains to one website, and have them all redirected to a specific parking page
  5. thanks @gw1500se but in the htaccess is more redicrect to internal pages how to redirect all traffic from DOMAIN_Origin.com to a constructed URL like https://www.afternic.com/domain/DOMAIN_Origin.com ??
  6. hi guys i need a script i can use on a website that redirect all domains to a specific URL+domain so here is the goal to achieve: i want to redirect DOMAIN1.com DOMAIN2.org DOMAIN3.com .... to my main domain MyredirectDomainurl.com and on MyredirectDomainurl.com i need to run a script that will FORWARD DOMAIN1.com ===> https://www.afternic.com/domain/DOMAIN1.COM DOMAIN2.ORG ===> https://www.afternic.com/domain/DOMAIN2.ORG DOMAIN3.com ===> https://www.afternic.com/domain/DOMAIN3.com thanks for your hel
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