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  1. Barand You are the Best! I know sometimes I run in to an end and the solution is there but just hard to find after staring at the same code for days, you my friend are a great start to my weekend! Best to you. And just so you know I posted this on Stack Overflow and was told that I did not try enough and i should try harder before asking questions. I will speak highly of this form and stick around to see if I can help others as well.
  2. I have an array that looks like this: array(5642) { [0]=> string(19) "2021-02-10 09:04:48" [1]=> string(19) "2021-02-10 09:04:54" [2]=> string(19) "2021-02-10 09:05:00" [3]=> string(19) "2021-02-10 09:05:06" [4]=> string(19) "2021-02-10 09:05:12" [5]=> string(19) "2021-02-10 09:05:18" [6]=> string(19) "2021-02-10 09:06:18" [7]=> string(19) "2021-02-10 09:06:24" } I need to group the instances any time there is more than a 6 second gap between elements. So 0 =>5 would be one array and 6 and 7 would b
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