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  1. ET https://https//rblxlimitedz.000webhostapp.com/api.php?id=316 net::ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED (anonymous) @ edc66704bd1974195d8c60f4a163441bec82f1bcb11c492e7df07c43f45a4d49.js:16 (anonymous) @ edc66704bd1974195d8c60f4a163441bec82f1bcb11c492e7df07c43f45a4d49.js:16 send @ 7bee61aedcbb4773d878992153fa64e0.js:16 ajax @ 7bee61aedcbb4773d878992153fa64e0.js:16 m.<computed> @ 7bee61aedcbb4773d878992153fa64e0.js:16 (anonymous) @ VM1794:1 I'm not sure what this error means, easier contact is on discord. aaron.#8573
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