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  1. spoiler rag problem... 2021-03-09 20:37:17 comment problem character limit
  2. Ha spoiler bbcode-ba rakom be sem jön az adott topik oldal. De ha bbcode nélkül berakom 63293 karaktert megjelenít. If spoiler bbcode-ba I lay it the given topic does not come in side. But if without bbcode load up 63293 display a character.
  3. //[spoiler]Text[/spoiler] if (stripos($message ,'[spoiler]') !== false){ $ab = 600; // tól $cd = 700; // ig $random = rand($cd, $ab); $message = wordwrap($message, 10000); $message= preg_replace("/\[spoiler\]\s*((\s|.)+?)\s*\[\/spoiler\]\s*/i", "<input type=button onClick='hirek($random)' value='Kinyitás-Becsukás' title='Csiki-Csuki'> <div id='$random' style='display:none'> <table border='1' cellspacing='0' cellpadding='3'> <td><font color=#bbd7f3>\\1</font></td></table></div>",$message); } My test website: http://alap.vtmk.h
  4. Sziasztok. I would like to ask a huge big help. I have a tiny little side. In him with a forum. That trouble of mine, if 15000 are pl character bigger remark send in the side flies away then and nothing comes in. It sends in the stuff into a database more punctually,but kiiratásnál the side flies away. AH01075 time out mistake ... indeed it the character quantity admits it that if spoilerbe lay then not I would like it separate echo and his ointment divide it up who as if one would be $message = wordwrap($message, 10000);ezzel szeretném 10.000 darabokra feldarabolni pl ha 5
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