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    New CMS

    Creating a CMS is not so easy but if you are really keen of accepting challenges then you should follow the following steps: Create the database Create the articles database table Make a configuration file Build the Article class Write the front-end index.php script Write the back-end admin.php script Create the front-end templates Create the back-end templates Create the stylesheet and logo image.
  2. Well, i also don't recommend to start from scratch in Laravel as its architecture is complicated and requires little experience to work the right way. You may chose WordPress and go with woocomerce to enjoy all ecommerce functionalities.
  3. WAMP and XAMPP both have alot of similarities but little differences. I prefer to use XAMPP because of its features. XAMPP is better because it supports wide variety of operating systems whereas WAMP is limited to 32 or 64 bit Operating System. Another winning point of XAMPP is that it has much smaller File size as compared to WAMP.
  4. I was talking about php. In MySQL, to do so , you should follow the solution mentioned here.
  5. Hey, Did you visited w3schools ? It is one of the best online resources to learning web programming.
  6. I suggest to use date_format() function for this purpose.
  7. I am new to php. Can somebody guide what's the error in below code? <?php echo "Red"; echo "Blue"; echo "Green" ?>
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