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  1. https://www.freelancer.com/community/articles/6-creative-techniques-for-writing-modular-code It is mentioned on this site, but I would like a full tutorial
  2. In this tutorial, he first downloads the "DLL" file and then downloads it with Composer.Then, to connect to Mango, it is added to the project by Composer. I don't know what codes I should use to connect to the "dll" file
  3. If I use the "dll" file, is there no need to install the driver using Composer?
  4. I have this problem with the "composer require mongodb/mongodb" package as well. Internet in Iran is severely limited. I really don't know what to do. No package can be installed with Composer.😡😡
  5. <?php try { // connect to OVHcloud Public Cloud Databases for MongoDB (cluster in version 4.4, MongoDB PHP Extension in 1.8.1) $m = new MongoDB\Driver\Manager('mongodb://localhost:27017'); echo "Connection to database successfully"; // display the content of the driver, for diagnosis purpose var_dump($m); } catch (Throwable $e) { // catch throwables when the connection is not a success echo "Captured Throwable for connection : " . $e->getMessage() . PHP_EOL; } Solved, thanks
  6. hi.i installed mongodb and install "driver mongodb for php" from pecl.php.net. when run this code , I am getting the error " Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Class "MongoClient" not found". <?php $m = new MongoClient(); echo "Connection to database successfully"; // select a database $db = $m->examplesdb; echo "Database examplesdb selected";
  7. for example , In the Laravel framework, there is the ability to add different packages.Codes that perform new behavior can be added without changing the core of the framework. I want to write modular programs with pure PHP. The codes are independent and can be increased or decreased.
  8. hi. Do you know of a free tutorial on "modular programming" in PHP that you can introduce? Thanks
  9. Yes, but I got this error: Cloning failed using an ssh key for authentication, enter your GitHub credentials to access private repos
  10. I receive this message Cloning failed using an ssh key for authentication, enter your GitHub credentials to access private repos
  11. I removed the mpdf package in composer.json...Composer has been successfully updated. Now it is only with the problem with mpdf
  12. I use these packages: { "name": "laravel/laravel", "type": "project", "description": "The Laravel Framework.", "keywords": ["framework", "laravel"], "license": "MIT", "require": { "php": "^7.3|^8.0", "bumbummen99/shoppingcart": "^4.2", "carlos-meneses/laravel-mpdf": "^2.1", "fruitcake/laravel-cors": "^2.0", "guzzlehttp/guzzle": "^7.0.1", "hekmatinasser/verta": "^2.1", "intervention/image": "^2.7", "laravel/framework": "^8.75", "laravel/sanctum": "^2.11", "laravel/tinker": "^2.5" }, "require-dev": { "barryvdh/laravel-debugbar": "^3.6", "facade/ignition": "^2.5", "fakerphp/faker": "^1.9.1", "laravel/sail": "^1.0.1", "mockery/mockery": "^1.4.4", "nunomaduro/collision": "^5.10", "phpunit/phpunit": "^9.5.10" }, "autoload": { "psr-4": { "App\\": "app/", "Database\\Factories\\": "database/factories/", "Database\\Seeders\\": "database/seeders/" } }, "autoload-dev": { "psr-4": { "Tests\\": "tests/" } }, "scripts": { "post-autoload-dump": [ "Illuminate\\Foundation\\ComposerScripts::postAutoloadDump", "@php artisan package:discover --ansi" ], "post-update-cmd": [ "@php artisan vendor:publish --tag=laravel-assets --ansi --force" ], "post-root-package-install": [ "@php -r \"file_exists('.env') || copy('.env.example', '.env');\"" ], "post-create-project-cmd": [ "@php artisan key:generate --ansi" ] }, "extra": { "laravel": { "dont-discover": [] } }, "config": { "optimize-autoloader": true, "preferred-install": "dist", "sort-packages": true }, "minimum-stability": "dev", "prefer-stable": true } I have access to GitHub. Laravel itself has a large number of packages. Do I have to download all the desired packages individually?
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