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  1. Thanks I never explained it well at all., The second lot of code is what is confusing the issue. OK, I have built a Document system where people are signed up via the club I am building this website for. The person who runs the admin of the association wants to have certain emails for different areas. That to me is not a problem, as it is a simple process via the cPanel. What I am basically asking is the terminal or command the only option to run this cURL command or can I replicate it using PHP. When I use the code suggested by cPanel it clearly is built for a different type of cPan
  2. Hello, I have been trying many different ways to complete this and I am totally stuck. I can use the cURL in my terminal fine and it does what I want it to do. I am creating a system where I want the people offering the position to have an automatic system in place. this code works when I add my information, curl -H'Authorization: cpanel username:U7HMR63FHY282DQZ4H5BIH16JLYSO01M' 'https://example.com:2083/execute/Email/add_pop?email=newuser&password=12345luggage' The problem I seem to be having is that it is not connecting to the cPanel? Is this because I am on a shared ho
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