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  1. I tried this, but it is still not working. The images are not being displayed on the website.
  2. Yes, the image is being uploaded on the database but does not display on the website.
  3. I removed the space, but it is still not working. How do I use prepared statemets?
  4. I am trying to display image from database, but the image does not upload on the website. I have the following code for the form I use to upload images (products) to database: <div class="pageWrapper"> <div class="formContainer"> <form class="insertForm" action="insert_product.php" method="post" enctype="multipart/form-data"> <table align="center" width="100%"> <tr align="center"> <div class="formHeading"><br><i class="fa fa-upload"></i><br> <h1>Insert New Product</h1> </div> </tr> <tr align="left"> <td align="right">Product Title:</td> <td><input class="formInput" type="text" name="product_title" size="40" required /></td> </tr> <tr> <td align="right">Product Category:</td> <td><select class="formInput" name="product_cat" class="selectCategory"> <option class="formOption">Select a Category</option> <?php $get_cats ="select * from categories"; $run_cats = mysqli_query($con, $get_cats); while ($row_cats = mysqli_fetch_array($run_cats)) { $cat_id = $row_cats['cat_id']; $cat_title = $row_cats['cat_title']; echo "<option class='formOption' value='$cat_id'>$cat_title - Women </option>"; } $get_catsMen = "select * from categoriesmen"; $run_catsMen = mysqli_query($con, $get_catsMen); while ($row_catsMen = mysqli_fetch_array($run_catsMen)) { $catMen_id = $row_catsMen['catMen_id']; $catMen_title = $row_catsMen['catMen_title']; echo "<option class='formOption' value='$catMen_id'>$catMen_title - Men </option>"; } $get_accessories = "select * from categoryaccessories"; $run_accessories = mysqli_query($con, $get_accessories); while ($row_accessories = mysqli_fetch_array($run_accessories)) { $catAccessories_id = $row_accessories['catAccessories_id']; $catAccessories_title = $row_accessories['catAccessories_title']; echo "<option class='formOption' value='$catAccessories_id'>$catAccessories_title </option>"; } $get_souvenirs = "select * from categorysouvenirs"; $run_souvenirs = mysqli_query($con, $get_souvenirs); while ($row_souvenirs = mysqli_fetch_array($run_souvenirs)) { $catSouvenirs_id = $row_souvenirs['catSouvenirs_id']; $catSouvenirs_title = $row_souvenirs['catSouvenirs_title']; echo "<option class='formOption' value='$catSouvenirs_id'>$catSouvenirs_title </option>"; } ?> </select> </td> </tr> <tr> <td align="right">Product Image:</td> <td><input type="file" name="product_image"/></td> </tr> <tr> <td align="right">Product Price: </td> <td><input class="formInput" type="text" name="product_price" required /></td> </tr> <tr> <td align="right">Product Description:</td> <td><textarea class="formInput" name="product_description" cols="20" rows="10"></textarea></td> </tr> <tr> <td align="right">Product Keywords: </td> <td><input class="formInput" type="text" name="product_keywords" required /></td> </tr> <tr align="center"> <td colspan="7"><input class="submitProduct" type="submit" name="insert_post" value="Insert Product" /></td> </tr> </table> </form> </div> </div> </body> </html> <?php if(isset($_POST['insert_post'])){ $product_title = $_POST['product_title']; $product_cat = $_POST['product_cat']; $product_price = $_POST['product_price']; $product_desc = trim(mysqli_real_escape_string($con, $_POST['product_description'])); $product_keywords = $_POST['product_keywords']; //Getting the image from the field $product_image = $_FILES['product_image'] ['name']; $product_image_tmp = $_FILES['product_image'] ['tmp_name']; move_uploaded_file($product_image_tmp,"imgs/uploaded/$product_image"); $insert_product = "insert into products (product_cat, product_title, product_price, product_desc, product_image, product_keywords) VALUES('$product_cat', '$product_title','$product_price','$product_desc', ' $product_image', '$product_keywords')"; $insert_pro = mysqli_query($con, $insert_product); if ($insert_pro) { echo "<script>alert('Product Has Been inserted successfuly!')</script>"; } } ?> And the following code is the one I use for displaying the products on the page. All I get is the text 'no image to display'. I have the title and the price of the product, but no image. Could you please help me in solving this problem? <div id="content_area"> <div id="products_box"> <?php $get_pro = " select * from products order by RAND() LIMIT 0,6"; $run_pro = mysqli_query($con, $get_pro); while($row_pro = mysqli_fetch_array($run_pro)){ $pro_id = $row_pro['product_id']; $pro_cat = $row_pro['product_cat']; $pro_title = $row_pro['product_title']; $pro_price = $row_pro['product_price']; $pro_image = $row_pro['product_image']; echo " <div id ='single_product'> <h3>$pro_title</h3> <img src='imgs/uploaded/$pro_image' width='180' height='180' alt='no image to display'/> <p><b> Price: $pro_price €</b></p> <a href='details.php?pro_id=$pro_id'> Details</a> </div> "; } ?> </div> </div>
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