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  1. @Barand than for the response.
  2. Hiya all!I am trying to build a basic anagram solver that looks through all possibilities for words, check weather they are true, and acts accordingly.Imput = "TAE"Word(1) = "TEA"Word(2) = "ATE"Word(3) = "AET"Word(4) = "ETA"Word(5) = "EAT"For i = 1 to 5If isRealWord(Word(i)) Then Ans(i) = TrueElse Ans(i) = FalseEnd IfNext' RESULTAns(1) = True 'Tea is a real wordAns(2) = True 'Ate is a real wordAns(3) = False 'Aet is NOT a real wordAns(4) = False 'Eta is NOT a real wordAns(5) = True 'Eat is a real word' OUTPUTAnagrams:TeaAteEatI need to have a function (isRealWord) that can check a wrod inside an external dictionary.If there is a downloadable dictionar DLL I can get hold of, please tell me, or how I could contenct to a Microsoft Word dictionary WITHOUT opening Word.
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