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  1. This sounds like a solid answer. I'll definitely look into the information you've provided to see if it truly answers my question. Thank you.
  2. Hello, Thank you for your response. To clarify my question, let's use the two specific Team Report links below: https://www.metagamevgc.com/team-reports/2020/12/16/the-calculated-run-a-top-16-players-cup-ii-team-report https://www.metagamevgc.com/team-reports/2020/11/10/the-bird-and-the-mouse-a-collinsville-dual-team-report The idea is to have MySQL setup with a database specifically for Team Reports that would utilize one singular HTML/PHP template. The overall main points are talked about in the articles: history of the team construction, a breakdown of the team and how to pilot the team. However, if you notice that length of content and images provided and even placement of images are different between the two of them. Is there someway to have a singular template connected to a single database that would result in creating the two articles linked here verbatim?
  3. First, I'm going to refer anyone reading this to the following links: https://www.metagamevgc.com/articles https://www.metagamevgc.com/team-reports So, I'm looking into trying to re-create the content from these links with the help of php and MySQL, but what I've noticed is that the content under "Articles" don't seem to follow the same format and the same thing goes for the content under "Team Reports". Most of the content follow a similar structure and have similar main points they discuss, but from what I've researched so far on YouTube and Google is that you can't a singular template that can have variance to it based on the content of a database. Taking for example the last two content posted under "Team Reports". They are similar in structure, but one includes many more images and more information than the other one. So, in a single template wouldn't be sufficient for these two. Is there any way to replicate these using these, or do I have just use pure HTML to copy them?
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