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  1. Thanks for you answer @requinix! I am doing an internship at company. And as my first learning backend project I need to make a Webshop / E-Commerce Website with plain PHP using MVC Pattern
  2. Hey guys, My task is to build ORM without any framework. So far, I have fetched everything inside ProductModel.php, but some data are joined (example down below), and they come from 2 different tables. How can I archive, to store data that comes from cart to cart object / model, and data that comes from products to product object/model, without loosing their join relationship? Please provide examples and explanation, or any other resource that can solve my problem. Thanks for help! Like I said, right now I store everything inside ProductModel (PDO::Fetch Class) class ProductModel { private int $productid; private string $name; private string $description; private float $price; private string $imagepath; private int $quantity; private int $totalprice; private int $ordered; } My repository goes like this ( $tableName is cart, and $classname is ProductModel -> Above this code) /** * Get Cart Items from unique (id) customer * * @param int $customerId * @return bool|array */ public function getCartItems(int $customerId): bool|array { $tableName = $this->setTableName(); $className = $this->setClassName(); $statement = $this->connection->prepare("SELECT cart.quantity, product.productid, product.name, product.imagepath, product.price FROM `$tableName` as cart LEFT JOIN product as product ON product.productid = cart.product_id WHERE cart.customer_id=:customerId AND cart.ordered=0;"); $statement->execute(['customerId' => $customerId]); return $statement->fetchAll(PDO::FETCH_CLASS, $className); } What I want to archive now, is to store the data to relevant classes like this Product Model (Store Data from Product Table) class ProductModel { private int $productid; private string $name; private string $description; private float $price; private string $imagepath; } Cart Model (Store Data from Cart Table) class CartModel { private int $quantity; private int $totalprice; private int $ordered; }
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