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  1. Thanks, you helped a lot, I really appreciate it, and now I have some direction. It's funny, tho, how I can get stuck in some seemingly simple things.
  2. Hi, I'm learning programming, I studied some different languages and ways to do things. I'm interested in PHP, and most tutorials seem to focus on how to do things with the language. Somehow I feel kind of stupid asking for this, but let me try to explain the problem and please forgive me for my probable misunderstanding of things and for how I'm somewhat lost. As I (kind of) dealt with Java/Spring (hate it) and Node.js (this one is ok for me) for back-end, when I started trying stuff with PHP I stumbled on some code embedded in html. With Spring and Node, I usually made all the server code in separate files, but PHP is embedded, I am not sure of how should I look at it. My question here is: should I build a back-end program/server separate in PHP? Should I start looking for some examples for it (I didn't find too many things about it, really)? Or should I just use embedded code and accept it will be processed in the server and there are good ways to deal with the situations that come with it? For instance, I'm trying to work with pure PHP, no frameworks and libraries at this stage (do you call it vanilla?). Thanks in advance.
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