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  1. Oh. I think NO. I have shared hosting account. the same question I just asked my hosting provider. let's see what they reply.
  2. I have cpanel hosting account and want to run some sql queries from mysql> prompt instead of phpmyadmin. How/where can I access mysql> prompt? thanks
  3. Ok . I will check it out. however, very first solution working fine with "NULL" value if any price value is missing. thanks a lot for your help.
  4. after importing desire back dates data into sampletable, I tried to run above sql queries, but I got the error .png attached
  5. Due to all symbols do not trade every day, so copying/pasting historical data in excel does not work fine (missing of symbol on specific dates). that's why I think I should do the task through some php scripting. By this i could get definite price value.
  6. Ok. I modified the data type for price and date as you mentions. symbol VARCHAR(10) , price DECIMAL(10,2) , date Date(12) My ultimate target is to display stock prices on my website just like tradingeconomics dot com/commodities does. Symbol_Name Price Change Day_changed_in_% Weekly_changed_in_% Monthly_changed_in_% YoY_changed_in_% Date In stock market, it is not necessary all symbol trade every day, majority symbol trade every day but some do not. so for calculation of last week price, last month price and last year price , i like to select nearest back date. currently, I have just 3 days data in my table as sample data. I plan to import whole year data after cleaning it in my table. In excel if I have data like current price , last week price , last month price , yoy price , then i can calculate % of all data and display it on my page through table format. but unfortunately I could not get displaying data in desire format in phpmyadmin through sql statement. so for I tried "SELECT * FROM stockdata symbol where date = '2022-09-23' || date = '2022-09-28' order by symbol; " . it show data in row by row, not column wise.
  7. hi, i have a database 'sampledb" and one table 'sampletable' in it. this table contain only three fields named 'symbol' , 'price' , 'date' . the data type of symbol is varchar, float, and int respectively. I inserted date values as 20220928 format. I want to display data values horizontally on my web page such as: symbol current price last week price last month price last year price ABC 12.52 11.0 13.69 12.2 PQR 6.5 5.72 5.0 10.13 XYZ 150 119 200 182 What php code / sql query should i need to write? thanks
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