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  1. hello, im making request to a remote http server with Guzzle Graze (json rpc) i make it this way: function __construct($hostname = '', $port = 9999, $user, $password) { $url = $hostname.':'.$port .'/json_rpc'; $this->client = Client::factory( $url, [ 'defaults' => [ 'auth' => [$user, $password] ] ] ); $this->user = $user; $this->password = $password; } but it not recognize the user and the password as a part of this request. how should i send the Password and username instead? any solution please?? thanks
  2. somebody have an example or reference for PHP code that make login to a website and handle with the redirection after? thanks!
  3. <?php require_once('nusoap/lib/nusoap.php'); $client = new nusoap_client('https://dsadsa', true); $client->setCredentials('dasdas', 'dasd%', 'ntlm'); $msg = "<Register xmlns=\"https://wq\"> <accountData> XML FROM THE HELP FILE PUT HERE WITHOUT ANY LINE BREAKS </accountData> </Register>"; $soapmsg = $client->serializeEnvelope($msg, "", array(), 'document', 'literal'); $result = $client->send($soapmsg, "https://dsadsa"); print_r($result); ?> its printing zero ... How do I know the connection was successful? thanks!
  4. pcman

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    i forgot to say that ... in my computer server(xampp for linux) there is no problam. the problam start when i upload the code to else server(to 2 different servers). the link : http://nextprice.org/price_comparison/admin/
  5. pcman

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    help me. i have an index.php file in admin folder. this is the code inside the file: <?php ?> Or any other code and i get output 0 , but if i echo something else then i get the string has output, help find out what is the problam please!!!
  6. i want to build to my app plugin system (like what you have in wordpress) how can i do it?(concept level) i will be happy for articles thanks
  7. this is error with your user or host... you need to be sure that your details are ok. modify: be sure that you dont write a pass itws need to look like this: mysql_connect("localhost","root",""); good luck!
  8. Try to print the query and write here ... i want that A will be option 1 B option 2 C option 3 and D option 4:-)
  9. i cant to see all picture here... i need to see from where you get this Variable. i think that php cant to find this var...
  10. what do you have in menu_row var? is empty...
  11. give an example what do you write in the form and what do you get output...
  12. you have another idea how to call to DatabaseAccess , and why Module class dosent extends from DatabaseAccess class?
  13. i am tring to extend from DataAccess to Module... but is showing an error: location: Library/database.php <?php Class DatabaseAccess { public $db; public $sqlQuery; public function ConnectDB($host,$user,$password,$database){ $this->db = mysqli_connect($host,"",$password); if (mysqli_connect_errno()) { echo '<p>Cannot connect to DB: ' . mysqli_connect_error() . '</p>'; } $this->db &= mysqli_select_db($this->db,$database); } public function SqlQuery($sql) { return mysqli_query($this->db,$sql);//or die("Error:".mysqli_error()."<br />The Query:<b>$sql</b>"); } } ?> The Module class Location:Library/module.php <?php Class Module extends DatabaseAccess { public function DoInsert($tableName,$fields = array(),$values = array())//delete from table { $fields = implode(",", $fields); $values = implode("','", $values); return $this->db->SqlQuery ("INSERT INTO $tableName($fields) VALUES('$values')");//The error is here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! } } ?> and the controller file name: newProfile.php this is the cdode include "config.php"; include "Library/database.php"; include "Library/module.php"; $db = new DatabaseAccess; $db->ConnectDB(MYSQL_HOST_NAME,MYSQL_USER_NAME,MYSQL_PASSWORD,MYSQL_DATABASE);//define in config.php $db->Module = New Module; $db->Module->DoInsert("twitter_profiles", array(profile_user_name,profile_password,user_id), array($_POST['userName'],$_POST['password'],$userID));//DoInsert(tableName,Fields,Values) echo sysMessage("NewProfile.txt"); the error: Fatal error: /home/omerbsh/blalalala.com/tra/Library/module.php on line 59 the error is in the modle class where the comment: "The error is here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" its cant to fine SqlQuery object but why??? thanks
  14.  Warning: mysqli_query() expects parameter 1 to be mysqli, null given in /home/omerbsh/hallofblogs.com/autoTwit/Library/database.php on line 13 Warning: mysqli_error() expects exactly 1 parameter, 0 given in /home/omerbsh/hallofblogs.com/autoTwit/Library/database.php on line 13 Error: The Query:INSERT INTO twitter_profiles VALUES('dfggffg','dgfgfdg','1')
  15. i need a class to create forms can you provide me one? thanks
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