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  1. I cannot see how to cease membership. Can someone delete my profile please? Thanks.
  2. As I have got no further can you please just close this thread? Thanks.
  3. Thanks. I did change the code. The rest of it is meaningless to me as I did not write the code and have no idea about it. Thanks anyway.
  4. Thanks for that. I thought I had amended some of the details before copying. I tried your suggestion but no effect.
  5. Thanks but this was written by a third party and I do not have the skills let alone a manual and know nothing about mysqli nor why it should be switched.
  6. Hi folks, I never knew I was on this Forum until I tried to join. I have never used it before so go gently with me please. I got a guy to move my site from flat HTML to partial PHP/DB many years ago. I would go to an Admin control panel to let me enter details and upload an image - delete/edit. This function suddenly stopped recently and now the search fails with a useless, non informative error. I also notice that when I log in to the ACP it just comes back with another login screen and lets me through when I complete this one. Strange that it now asks twice. It now comes up with this error
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