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  1. Thanks for the advice I went to inhoster.com and reported the abuse but there are tons of reports about this isp on the net I'm not confident. Ideally I would ban entire countries from visiting my sites what is the easiest way to do this? I can do it in my php via looking up the ip on my ip to country db but I'm a little nervous of that from a search engine point. I would be in effect showing some visitors one thing and others another which I believe SE's don't like.
  2. I put a little text area form on my home page for feedback Knowing visitors are reluctant to enter their email addresses I left it anonymous Visitors can enter a message and I’ll receive it via email. The day after I received a spam message it was a big list of url’s and they’d tried to do some html type code. So in my send mail script I check the referrer is my site, and if not it sends me their ip and not the message. What did I do wrong? How come the spammer found me so quickly? What is the best way to stop it ? Sorry I only seem to come here when I need help but the truth is I’m not that good and don’t feel ready to give out advice. Any ideas greatly appreciated. Roy PS, I’ve only captured 2 different ip’s so far – but it occurs every day
  3. Hello, I've just moved hosts to ixwebhosting.com they seem very popular and have great deals But when my php scripts create stuff like directories or files they have a user and group of httpd which I assume is the default owner. I don't have the permissions to do anything with them - how can I make it so I own the objects? or have the permission to them. I know this question must have been asked lots of times, I have searched the forums but I can't find the answer.
  4. I have the functions they're quites small I didn't post them because I don't think its what the functions are doing its when they're called when using IE it works fine as far as I can tell  I open 2 windows side by side and as I move focus between them I can see the refresh counter stop and start But with firefox the counter doubles up like running twice as fast
  5. no it's from a guy called Joop Laan and it in turn uses sajax toolkit from modernmethod.com he's gone gone over to using ruby rails but I like this old version because it's really small and simple. but as I said I'm trying to get it to stop communicating when the window looses focus.
  6. Hi I have a large number of pages with ajax based chat on and I want to stop it communicating when the window looses focus using javascript I’ve almost got it working but there is a bug. It stops communicating when the window looses focus but when the window gets focus again it speeds up communicating, doubles it I think. I would be grateful for any help . This is the controlling javascript [code] <? sajax_show_javascript(); ?> var check_n = 0; var old_sha1 = ""; var new_sha1 = ""; <!-- Variable to check if window has focus --> var hasFocus = 1; window.onfocus = function() { hasFocus = 1; refresh(); } window.onblur = function() { hasFocus = 0; } function refresh_cb(new_data) { new_sha1 = hex_sha1(new_data); if(old_sha1 != new_sha1) { document.getElementById("wall").innerHTML = new_data; old_sha1 = new_sha1; } document.getElementById("status").innerHTML = "Refreshed: #" + check_n; check_n++; setTimeout("refresh()", <?php echo $cfg['refreshrate'] ; ?>); } function refresh() { if(hasFocus == 1) { x_refresh(refresh_cb); } } function add_cb() { // we don't care.. } function add() { var line; var handle; handle = document.getElementById("handle").value; line = document.getElementById("line").value; x_add_line("[" + handle + "] %spantag%" + line, add_cb); document.getElementById("line").value = ""; // document.getElementById("line").focus(); } // ]]> </script> [/code] I’ve been using some code called chatwall from http://www.laan.org/demos/chatwall/  For quite some time. it works great and is really small in kb's cheers
  7. Tiss okay, I sorted it it was subtle to say the least the parameter from delete.php had a bloody space infront of it!  
  8. Hrrrm I did what you said and created a button from delete.php back to list.php with the required data in a hidden field and it goes back but the second time in it doesn't find the record that was being edited. The record exists on the table I cut n pasted the form code from search.php into delete.php so I didn't get any typo's I've echo'd the inbound parameter and it's there. I'm wondering if it's a file pointer thing? I've echo'd the number of rows found and the first time in there is 1 and the second time in there are 0 is there something you have to do in mysql to reset the file pointer back to the begining of the table? if not then it's a regular type of error and I should be able to solve it.
  9. onlyican -  back button to re-post the data huh! [b][size=12pt][color=blue]You're a genius![/color][/size][/b] [size=8pt]Told you the problem, you told me the solution ![/size]
  10. Okay search.php has a form where visitors enter search argument when they submit they go to list.php which reads some information from a table and shows it as a list at the end of each line I've put a radio button so they can select one to delete. so they select one and click delete - and we go to delete.php which deletes it from the table then what do I do?  I've put a BACK button in delete.php so they can go back to list.php but obviously when they get back they have to manually refresh the page to see the change if I header redirect from delete.php then the POST'd search argument is not avsailiable so I cant refresh the list I wonder if there is some sort of auto POST variable trick I could use to get back to list.php and refresh I'm sure I've gone about this the wrong way? I feel sure you guys have done this sort of thing before and you might give me some tips 1 enter search 2 show list of widgets 3 select widget 4 click delete widget 5 show list of widgets (with one now missing) cheers Roy
  11. when ever I get them I've usually forgot to put a ; on the end of the line above.
  12. thanks for looking anyways redarrow I appreciate it.
  13. I'm coding a website link management thing I'm storing website details: url, title, description, and keywords. What I want to be able to do is identify releated websites. it doesn't have to be perfect I present them to the visitors as "possibley related websites" My initial idea was put the keywords in seperate fields and to do multiple searches one keyword at a time. but I'm thinking perhaps I should create a full-text index and do something better. perhaps seach the title and the description also suppose I had a string of keywords "fish,fishing,fish scales,fish tail, shark,fishing rod" You guys are usually really good at comming up with ideas, I thought I'd ask for your ideas before I build the tables Cheers Roy  
  14. I agree if by “untargeted” you mean service like the £15 per month one you mentioned with popups and expired domains no body wants that sort of traffic. And if that’s what “untargeted traffic” means then I was completely wrong I was thinking more literally about people finding your site while browsing. At the end of the day the only people who would want more visitors are people who make websites not the general public. Website lotto is designed to [b]give new websites a little boost[/b], long before they get a page rank or links in.  and yes people can Ctrl F and hightail it out of there. But others might find the site interesting, they may offer a link exchange or post on the forum, click an advert.   Make someone’s day. Anyways thank you all for taking the time to critique my site.
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