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  1. It's a template, though; aside from a very nice custom header, and unless this is your template, then it is against forum rules.
  2. It's just, look at them; the white thing at the top makes them look like a glass ball of some kind-do you see what I mean by that? Look at how light reflects off of a marble, for example-that's what you've made it look like.
  3. Maybe so, but here's the thing: the buttons have this glossy, glassy, three-dimensional look to them that is out of place with the rest of the graphics in the design. As for the multiple posts thing, one is small, but two feels sparse; three might work better. Finally, you should take the byline and move it to the left-it seems lonely off the right like that.
  4. They still don't fit-the buttons have a glossy look to them, a glossy look that doesn't really fit the rest of the site. Also, you really should put more then just one article per page-it makes for slow browsing.
  5. It's the subscribe boxes-they don't match the feel of the rest of the site. Maybe that's the problem?
  6. Well, I managed to fix the example page by floating both elements. Maybe that would help?
  7. Hmm... Check to see if you have valid HTML and CSS, as well as a Doctype. Fix any errors, and if that doesn't help, just increase the height of the div.
  8. moberemk

    IE problem

    This is one of those questions where samples just don't help that much. Inheritance properties can make everything so much more muddled that it can screw things up very far down the line. Maybe the margin-left property is pulling it off the page?
  9. Remove altogether, probably. Aside from that, this is a pretty slick design.
  10. Look, I'm sorry that I was rude; I didn't intend to come off as sounding that rude, just a little overly sarcastic. But my points do stand; while I may not have stated them in the most tactful manner, but that doesn't change my opinion that you really do need to do a whole let of rethinking about many parts of your site.
  11. Very nice. The only things that kinda bug me about this design are the strong black glow effects on the three big buttons below the "What is your learning curve" area and the font for "latest happenings", which seems out of place.
  12. Calm down, please. All right now, time to clear things up; YES the web crawler thing is impressive; but that doesn't really pardon all the things that are frankly fairly wrong. For example, the link thing? That falls under the category of "Things that are easily avoided"; truncate the string or something. Look, the basic idea is, what you have isn't new in any way, shape, or form. It's tired and done better by many other people. The basic idea here is to at least try and bring in something new, instead of just the same old things, or, to reinvent the wheel into something better.
  13. Whoa. That is one ugly site. And not google-ugly, more like "Badly compressed logo with unclear connotations" and "blatant rip-off of Google's layout without even trying something different" and "What the !&$@ is this?" ugly. Not to mention the useless "Show/Hide News" button and the non-functioning links. Go back to the drawing board, dude; if you plan to make a search engine, at least try and make something new out of it instead of looking like Yet Another Google Clonetm.
  14. It just doesn't seem very consistent is all. Below the header, you have some funky clamshell patterns, and there's this one weird glass-like effect at the top, and then there's this little guy peeking out of the corner... it just looks mish-mashed together almost randomly. This does demonstrate some solid graphics design ability, but your graphics are just all over the map in terms of style.
  15. 404 Not Found. It's actually on the main page. That's better-much less cluttered then the first version. Maybe if you switched the left and right columns around so that the big picture comes first?
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