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  1. Try using a background on the body tag if you want something to fill the entire vertical space.
  2. Been a while since I've used this-it goes something along the lines of input[type=submit] {} I believe.
  3. Hmm. Try using a -99px top margin to pull up the footer-that might help.
  4. Eh, the colours don't do much for me, and the fonts even less so. The page doesn't feel very focused, and there's no clear identification of what I should focus on or what the site is about at first glance. The background and the text don't contrast very well, and you use a lot of images, images that lack connection with the topic at hand. You use a lot of bevels in the site; try something a bit more modern for the look. Also, you should remove the button on the random sample image-it doesn't look very nice on the picture. Finally, lose all the "helpful" popups-this is information that should be available to the user without hovering, just by reading or even just seeing. Try to find a better way to communicate the point of the site and it might work.
  5. Why do you even need the margin-bottom declaration? It shouldn't be necessary. Try taking it out entirely, unless the footer is positioned with floats.
  6. http://www.positioniseverything.com/ This site is generally the go-to source for IE CSS bugs.
  7. http://www.positioniseverything.com/ This site is my prime source for all IE bugs and glitches, and some Firefox bugs too.
  8. It's nice, but it looks really small on my display. You should really try to use bigger font sizes-it looks minuscule to me.
  9. You could just say "I don't use an editor like Frontpage or Dreamweaver, ensuring that you get only the highest quality code." instead of the essay you have there.
  10. background-image:url(sumarticlebg.gif); Try that.
  11. Is sumarticle.gif in the same folder as the CSS? Because otherwise it won't work unless you write out the full path to the image (IE either ../images/sumarticle.gif or /images/sumarticle.gif, depending on how your server is set up).
  12. Not if you subsequently lighten up the silver a bit.
  13. No, that won't help anything. The problem is that, if the two columns were to be put side-by-side, then you would have something too wide for the width your container element specifies, right? Do either of your boxes use padding? if not, try making the main content just a few pixels narrower. If you do, though, then you'll have to look up the Holly Hack online.
  14. Try seeing if you can find PHAKT online anymore-that does use ODBC connections.
  15. I'm guessing you're using Dreamweaver? Well, have you form use GET and link to another page. On that page, create a recordset with the table you want to use, and then use Like instead of = or != in the conditions list at the bottom.
  16. Try using the red more sparingly-that would definitely help the design. Also, is the page title going to change?
  17. The explanation is somewhat confusing; could you post some screenshots of the phenomena?
  18. Use no quotes in the url declaration.
  19. Then you would have to center the image after adding transparent or white pixels for behind the content. Basically, make an image the width of your entire content area, sidebar included, then include the sidebar background on the left-hand side.
  20. What that means is that PHP isn't running. If it's a local server, use Control-Alt-Delete to check that php.exe is running in the processes tab. If it's an online server, make sure it actually has PHP.
  21. I'm not talking about Dial-Up times, I'm talking about the amount of your server bandwidth that you'll use up.
  22. Try "fixed scroll javascript box/menu" and see how that turns out.
  23. You make the background the background of a container div for the navigation.
  24. The CSS solution is, as you've seen, not quite perfect, as it doesn't really work in a lot of browsers. Try looking up a Javascript solution.
  25. You can't, not until CSS3. You could absolute-position your content above an image with a 100% height value, but that would probably look ugly.
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