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  1. is there any reason why they need to be random? most businesses just have a running number (like auto_increment)
  2. OOP is putting a group of related functions in a class...then you can reuse that class later and whatever is in it.
  3. see, there ya go, easy enough right?
  4. you can re-use your code a lot faster and easier. it's also easier to link ideas/functions together with it.
  5. http://www.google.com/search?source=ig&hl=en&rlz=&q=javascript+update+div+onkeyup
  6. well you can also say something like "you will make a lot of $ off of ads" and that is true if you have a quality site with lots of traffic. Either through something like google adsense and/or selling ad space.
  7. you can start here: http://www.w3schools.com/jsref/jsref_onkeyup.asp then you can use the onkeyup to update content in a div
  8. Photoshop + Dreamweaver + CSS + PHP + MySQL thats all you need!
  9. welcome! I think you will get a lot out of these forums...i know i did
  10. I think the way I'm reading this you are refering to keeping emails/contacts/to-do lists/milestones straight between the 2 projects? is that correct? if so you should really look into something like BaseCamp check out some of the plans. It's a very small investment to keep you organized. I like it a lot.
  11. $500 is REALLY unfair to you. You will be doing a LOT more work...even if you did get all pre-made software (for free) like tippy_102 said. I would probably charge about $5,000 for this project, just because I have everything built except for the blogs and CCbill, so everything else can be up and running within about 2-5 hours. BTW...that's $5,000 for the PHP/MySQL programming only, this does not include design and front end stuff like HTML/CSS layout
  12. ok cool, I just don't wanna see someone NOT use your product for something like that.
  13. wow, that's pretty cool. I don't use Unix all that much but I think it's pretty neat that you can do stuff like that. So what happens when you want to use the caps lock? You should make a work around where it's like Shift+Caps to actually turn the Caps on. Just a thought
  14. Yes, CS3 can do what wildteen said. just look it up in the help section
  15. I like tama's they sound pretty good. I have a Mapex Orion Classic, Tama Swingstar (for practice), Tama Starclassic Birch, and a Pearl Reference Special Edition for 2007 (only 1 of 40 made). I love music and playing...even MORE then PHP haha ...So as promised, here is a little snapshot of my desk [attachment deleted by admin]
  16. @thorpe - What kind of drum set is that? @roopurt18 - I have the same chair that you are sitting in. Isn't it great! I love mine. And gotta love the klipsch speakers. ...I'll take some pics of my set up tomorrow.
  17. <?php $query = "INSERT INTO users (username, club_id, member_type, first_name, last_name, email, password, registration_date) VALUES ('$u', ".$_POST['clubdrop'].", 'Member', '$fn', '$ln', '$e', PASSWORD('$p'), NOW() )"; ?>
  18. yeah either way you need to do it. you can also do something like this: <?php foreach($your_array as $new_value){ echo "Do something with $new_value"; } ?> You can do that so you don't need to know how many are in the array
  19. $total = count($your_array);
  20. INSERT INTO `table` (club_id) VALUES ($_POST['clubdrop']) does that work?
  21. Try something like this: <select name="clubdrop"><option value="">Pick</option> <?php $sql = "SELECT * FROM club"; $result = mysql_query($sql); while($row = mysql_fetch_array($result)){ $club_id = $row["club_id"]; $clubName = $row["clubn"]; $club_id == $YOUR_OTHER_CLUB_ID ? $sel = 'SELECTED' : $sel = ''; ?> <option value="<?php echo $club_id ?>" <?php echo $sel ?>><?php echo $clubName ?></option> <?php } ?> </select>
  22. Here is my code that I used: <?php $end = ''; $zip_from = $_SESSION['zipcode']; $zips = $z->get_zips_in_range($zip_from, $_SESSION['radius']); $zip = ''; $x = 1; $count_zips = count($zips); if($count_zips > 0){ $zip = "zip = $zip_from OR "; } foreach ($zips as $key => $value) { $zip .= "zip = $key"; if($x < $count_zips){ $zip .= " OR "; }else{ $zip .= " "; } $x++; } $end .= $zip; $sql = "SELECT * FROM dealers WHERE access = '1' AND search = '1' AND ($end) ORDER BY cname ASC"; $result = $db->query($sql); $numrows = $db->numRows($result); if($numrows > 0){ $dealers = array(); while($row = $db->fetch($result)){ $cname = $row['cname']; $address = $row['address']; $city = $row['city']; $state = $row['state']; $zip = $row['zip']; $phone = $row['phone']; $url = $row['url']; if(strlen($url) > 0){ $url = $func->convertURL($url); $url = "<a href=\"$url\" target=\"_blank\">Visit their Web site</a><br />"; } $map = "$address $city, $state $zip"; $map = str_replace(' ', '+', $map); $miles = $z->get_distance($zip_from, $zip); $address = "$address <br />$city, $state $zip<br />$phone"; $dealers[] = array("name" => $cname, "address" => $address, "map" => $map, "miles" => $miles, "url" => $url, "zip" => $zip); } //Get dealers in the selected zip and sort out others $dealers1 = array(); $dealers2 = array(); $count = count($dealers); for($x=0;$x<$count;$x++){ $name = $dealers[$x]['name']; $address = $dealers[$x]['address']; $map = $dealers[$x]['map']; $miles = $dealers[$x]['miles']; $url = $dealers[$x]['url']; $zip = $dealers[$x]['zip']; if($_SESSION['zipcode'] == $zip){ $dealers1[] = array("name" => $name, "address" => $address, "map" => $map, "miles" => $miles, "url" => $url, "zip" => $zip); }else{ $dealers2[] = array("name" => $name, "address" => $address, "map" => $map, "miles" => $miles, "url" => $url, "zip" => $zip); } } $dealers2 = $func->sortMultiArray($dealers2, 'miles'); $dealers = array(); $dealers = array_merge($dealers1, $dealers2); } ?> And how to sort a multi-dimentional array <?php function sortMultiArray($array, $index, $order='asc', $natsort=FALSE, $case_sensitive=FALSE){ if(is_array($array) && count($array)>0) { foreach(array_keys($array) as $key) $temp[$key]=$array[$key][$index]; if(!$natsort) ($order=='asc')? asort($temp) : arsort($temp); else { ($case_sensitive)? natsort($temp) : natcasesort($temp); if($order!='asc') $temp=array_reverse($temp,TRUE); } foreach(array_keys($temp) as $key) (is_numeric($key))? $sorted[]=$array[$key] : $sorted[$key]=$array[$key]; return $sorted; } return $array; } ?> $dealers1 are the records where the zip code matches so the distance would be 0 miles. $dealers2 are the records where it needs to sort by distance. I hope this helps you out.
  23. I had to do the same type of thing. What I did was enter in all of the values into an array (name, address, phone, zip, distance). Then I re-sorted the array by distance then outputted the information.
  24. well, usually I let one of my designers handle that aspect If you aren't a designer you should find someone who is...it's worth the money to get a better product. Then you can spend more time learning HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, etc...
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