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  1. This was only the first step in the validation process. The second step was validating it through Authorize.net
  2. Hey, check this out real quick: http://bytemycode.com/snippets/snippet/712 I wrote this for one of my projects and maybe it can help you out.
  3. www.olm.net www.rackspace.com www.dreamhost.com I use these and they are great, PM if you have any questions
  4. mine is pretty simple - first initial, middle initial, and last name...i know, so original I also go by: ANGSTDRM (like my AIM) This was from when I was in the band "ANGST" and I was the drummer :)
  5. take a look at my site: www.syracusebands.net you might get some ideas here and there. you do have a lot of potential on your site though
  6. Hey all, I was wondering...how do you handle your billings to clients and also support for your sites? I was thinking about making my own billing/support system where my clients can log in check for invoices and pay them and/or put in a support ticket if something has gone wrong with their site/server or whatever, or put in a work request. What are your thoughts/suggestions/advice? Thanks!
  7. And this is why we can all have programming jobs. I am a member on guru.com and for those of you who don't know what that is it is a freelancing site where you can bid on different types of projects. If you don't have an account you should get one, it's great. ANYWAYS I was browsing through new project and I came accross this: Programming Language: Yes, I do require a specific programming language. Desired Programming Language: English Obviously that was mixed in with the rest of the description but it just goes to show that we don't have to worry about the "average" person learning how to code a website...we will always have jobs!!! I got a good laugh out of it, hopefully you will too!
  8. You need some hover effects as everyone else said, but I like it a lot. Can't wait to see the site when it's finished. -Chris
  9. Hey all, Just had a quick question for you. I have a client that has a few sites built in ColdFusion now and wants another one done. I quoted them for PHP/MySQL (obviously) and they asked if it could be done in ColdFusion. I haven't done anything in CF before, but I downloaded it and checked out a few samples and it just looks like advanced HTML. So I guess my question would be should i pursue this project and learn CF on the fly, or say forget it. Also some pros and cons of CF and a compairison to PHP. I would like to learn some CF just because there is a call for it, but I would like your input. Thanks, -Chris
  10. 1and 1 is running a promo for 25% off. So you can get their beginner package (which has php and MySQL) for $2.24. I have tried that one out and I have no problems with it at all.
  11. I like it, simple and to the point -Chris
  12. I like it, even if it is a lot of green -Chris
  13. Hey, check out http://www.belahost.com/pp/ download the paypal.php you should be able to alter this to fit your needs. this is the one that i use -Chris
  14. depending on what you want to do, some of it is really easy, other stuff is more advanced. just like anything else. check out ajaxfreaks.com and go through some of the tutorials, they are pretty helpful -Chris
  15. 21/M started doing web work when I was 16? something like that, I don't remember HAHA -Chris
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