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  1. Hi! I have a database driven site, but at the moment when a bad request is given, there is just a message saying "sorry no records found" I have changed it a bit so that there is a header() redirect, and my plan is to respond with 404 and serve a nice looking 404 page with a sitemap on it for my users. I can't seem to figure out how to do this though: Does not work, and the page loads as normal, which is not what I want. Weirdly if I change to Location: type header redirect it works as i expect. If anybody could let me know why this isn't working, I would be very grateful!
  2. And here is exibit A, the reason for M$ dominance in the world. People say they don't like something, yet carry on using it! Seriously, if your car was rubbish you would change it, if your mobile was rubbish you would change it. Why be any different with OS?
  3. maybe you didn't put session_start(); could we have a bit more of the code plz, or pastebin it
  4. lol...maybe jackson meant visual basic or something, i believe they use that convention
  5. As far as I am aware the default mail function does not allow this functionality at all. Using the PEAR mail package you can maybe get around this About.com explains... http://email.about.com/od/emailprogrammingtips/qt/et073006.htm
  6. No problem. Glad it worked for you.
  7. I took the liberty of pastebin'ing the code for some syntax highlighting and a changelog http://pastebin.com/pastebin.php?diff=d6a44acae I added 5 lines in there (around line 71), by adding that code see what happens. (it is the code i meant when i said about swapping variables. I didnt check the $temp wasn't already in use so maybe you need to change the variable name
  8. $lresultsQuery = "SELECT * FROM `ladder_results` WHERE `result_teamid` = '$ladder_team_id' OR `result_vsteamid` = '$ladder_team_id' ORDER BY `result_date` ASC"; Give that a try, see if that fixes it, I have a feeling the one you have at the minute is only pulling it if it matches the first team, not if it is the vs team. I dry-ran your code in my head and it behanves as i would expect, give my sql a try see what happens. Dependant on the rest of the code, you might need to swap variables around if it matches the first or the last team in the db. Sorry that sounds confusing, but when you try my sql you might find it shows results the incorrect way around Adam
  9. i voted other... "Notepad++" is my weapon of choice
  10. fantastic, just what i was looking for. thanks again.
  11. Hi I want to perform a human-verification check on people signing up on my site (you know the things, "type the word" etc). I guess such things are generally Gd but i havent actually got a clue about them. If anyone could let me in on how to do them, Or if there are any cheap / open versions around, please let me know. (Advanced PHP user so technical solutions are fine) Adam King
  12. Hi I have just launced a new portfolio site, I wanted to keep it simple so I haven't used flash or js or anything else like that, it is just pure XHTML and CSS. What do you guys think? aking-solutions.net Email comments using the contact form on there if you wish. Adam
  13. make sure the if's have ==, not just =, otherwise they return always true
  14. Hi Are you sure you are not running any intensive scripts on the server? or more importantly, nobody else is? Also have you checked this from multiple computers? Adam
  15. worked for me in the UK...came up at a place about 5 miles / 8 km from me which isn't bad at all, I normally get put the wrong side of the country by these things
  16. Hi I have a PHP driven CMS (self coded), for a group of users of a particular piece of software. The software writes information about the user (eg time logged in) etc to a website that is out of my control. I want to be able to grab this data (which is displayed publically on a website) and put it into my MySql database once a week, as a cron job. I can use cron and mysql fine, the issue is I have no idea how to go about grabbing data from another website. I consider myself in the intermediate/semi-adavanced level with PHP, so a link to a tutorial would be great, i dont need the code making for me. As the software is pre-release, i do not want to post it, or the website in question so the forum, but a generic response on the subject would be appreciated. Thanks Adam_
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