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  1. Well DW is good however, I think that it's not a php editor. It's just a WYSIWYG editor with php syntax highlighting. You might argue with that but I have used nearly all (I didn't used Maguma, Komodo and BBEdit) the php editors listed here (even the ones that are still beta:). I can honestly say that if you want to go lazy and do the less writing and more sleeping, you should really choose DW. Which has great features like writing code and others. However if you really look to do everything in your project as yourself and you want full control of what's happening, you should try something "better". DW has only support for pure php functions. It does not complete your own classes, which is something really disturbing if you're used to use code completing like me. PHPed, PHPEclipse, PDT ZDE (my favorite) or even VIM (my "new" favorite) are real php editors. It was sad to not see Emacs here, they are really life changers if you have the patience and the power to keep pushing on meta and ctrl keys. While Emacs and VIM are not IDE's just "editors" they have great features too. Anyway I suggest everyone to give a try to Zend Studio or PDT (again Zend's eclipse based php developement tool). If you have the patience or bored using windows as you os like me try vim or emacs. They can really change your life (You will love to cut and paste rectangular block with vim, I'm sure:)
  2. if you define the js code in onclick part and not point it to a js function just like this: [code] <input type="button" value="click me" onClick="text1.value='test message'"> [/code] and it will work fine.
  3. also rocking? :) there is a kind of menu in a phpbb template named DustyGreen check out it's source. It maybe useful.
  4. I'm using wampserver with php5 and mysql5 support. Got an idea why can't i show turkish characters on the browser. Seems that everything fine in the db (at least i see them with phpmyadmin) but while the fetch operation, i can't get turkish characters. I tired differend character encodings but all seems to fail. Got an idea? Thanks
  5. check for your collation in mysql tables. It might be the problem. Use latin5_turkish. I have such a problem too but it doesnt seem to be solved with collation options. I can write them correct on the db tables but while fetching I loose the characters. It might be because of encoding I have tried all the turkish encodings but it seems to fail again. Any idea? Did not want to open a new topic.
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