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  1. hi I want to do a dynamic php menu with alternating colours so for example it would be like this Home - blue Contact - red About - Blue News - red Just basically wondering how I would go about doing something like this? Thanks
  2. http://img355.imageshack.us/img355/2812/design1pk0.jpg final update, im quite pleased with it now
  3. thanks for the comments I did do an update just before you posted: http://img361.imageshack.us/img361/9584/d1ya5.jpg
  4. http://img293.imageshack.us/img293/2446/d1at7.jpg i think it needs bringing to life more, obviously its not finished yet, quite a way off it, i just need some other opinions on where i can improove thanks
  5. i appologise, i dont want it to show noimage.jpg, i just dont want anything to show up
  6. right i simply want to put an if state around this to do the following : if there is no picture, show nothing: around this [code]<li><a href="/pages/showimage0.php?hotelId=<?php echo $row_rsAccom['hotelId'];?>" target="_blank"><img src="../thumb/phpThumb.php?src=../images/hotel_<?php echo $row_rsAccom['hotelImage1']; ?>&w=50&h=50&zc=1&err=../images/noimage1.jpg" border="0"Latest Deals></a></li>[/code]
  7. i used strip_tags, it worked fine, but it cuts the text with a picture, so the picture doesnt show, which is what I want, but it also takes the text characters down more then it should
  8. ahhh that works, but how do i strip tags on it
  9. basically just wondering whats wrong with this <?php substr($row_rsGolf['pagesContent'], 0, 300);?> and why it is not working, its not showing up and error though...
  10. All Ids follow 1st Id, ok, so in a previous post i had a problem where i couldnt show the hotels from a hotelType, and the hoteltype was either Golf, Hotel or villa, I fixed that problem with this code on the hotel display page [code]<?php $type=@$_GET['hotelType']; mysql_select_db($database_conTotal, $conTotal); $query_rsHotels = "SELECT * FROM tabHotel WHERE hotelType ='$type'"; $rsHotels = mysql_query($query_rsHotels, $conTotal) or die(mysql_error()); $row_rsHotels = mysql_fetch_assoc($rsHotels); $totalRows_rsHotels = mysql_num_rows($rsHotels);[/code] but now the problem is that it seems to put all of the hotel types into the hotel, golf, and villa pages , so if its the hotel page, it will also pick up the the golf and villa hotelTypes any suggestions as to why?
  11. ok, its a new day, anyone have any ideas, when i changed the hoteltype part in the like with quotes around it it shows all of the hotels, so maybe its osmething to do with the link? any ideas
  12. sorry for triple post, but does anyone no which page this might be off, the error that is, i have a page called page.php, which this is all included on, and 3 pages, called country.php, country_villa.php,country_golf.php, with the code that shows the country name and region names with thie country, then the code for the hotel page which i just showed.....
  13. or this makes the error go index.php?Id=16&id=1&hotelType='Hotel' i put ' ' around where it says hotel, but it again shows every hotel in every category, instrwad of separting them all
  14. there all just like the one above do you think it could be anything to do with this link index.php?Id=16&id=1&hotelType=Hotel when i take the hotel type bit off, it shows this error Undefined index: hotelType
  15. well on the pages before i have something like this: [code]<?php mysql_select_db($database_conTotal, $conTotal); $query_rsHotellist = "SELECT * FROM tabHotel WHERE hotelType = 'Hotel'"; $rsHotellist = mysql_query($query_rsHotellist, $conTotal) or die(mysql_error()); $row_rsHotellist = mysql_fetch_assoc($rsHotellist); $totalRows_rsHotellist = mysql_num_rows($rsHotellist);[/code]
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