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  1. So I guess you was born with knowledge in coding ? Really ? Read basic PHP documentation to learn where to put a line of code, are you serious? If you did not want to help then why bother replying, there are people here more than happy to help and I thank them for that, last thing I need is a moaner. What has this world come to, now I can't ask fellow humans for help. "as to the validation section of your php code, you should use an array to hold the validation error messages, then at the end of the validation section, if there are no errors, the array will be empty, use the submitted form data in the rest of the code. if there are validation errors, you would display them, along with re-displaying the form. " My friend I don't know zilch about coding, none of this makes sense, I run a business and need some tiny help to help me improve it, you can't expect me to learn all of the above to be able to code one line. Please be realistic.
  2. I am a beginner so I don't know where to start or what to do ? can you suggest what I could do next to make sure the fields are validated? Thanks
  3. Also if you check out my website http://wwww.flashdrivingschool.co.uk if any fields are empty it doesn't allow you to submit anyway, so I guess there is some sort of validation, when one field is left blank and you click submit then the blank field gets highlighted.
  4. Hi, The website was created by someone else so I have no idea why it was done this way, and also as I mentioned I have no clue about php or any coding, so I don't really understand what you mean, I'm just wondering if there's a simple code I can use to fix this problem, In the meanwhile I will try the "(isset($_POST['submit']))" suggested by iarp above. Thanks.
  5. Hi everyone. I read somewhere that Google crawler triggers the contact form to send blank emails. I believe a validation of the fields will stop this from happening, but I couldn't solve this problem to save my life, my php skills are very poor. Here is the code, I hope someone can help, any help is appreciated. <?php ob_start(); session_start(); include('class.phpmailer.php'); include('admin/includes/config.php'); $name=isset($_POST['name']) ? addslashes($_POST['name']) : ''; $email=isset($_POST['email']) ? addslashes($_POST['email']) : ''; $phone=isset($_POST['phone']) ? addslashes($_POST['phone']) : ''; $comment=isset($_POST['comment']) ? addslashes($_POST['comment']) : ''; $row=mysql_fetch_array(mysql_query("SELECT * FROM `fds_tbladmin` WHERE `id`='1'")); $admin_email=$row['email']; $Subject1 ="Someone Has Contacted You"; $TemplateMessage.="<br/><br />Hi Admin"; $TemplateMessage.=""; $TemplateMessage.="<br><br>"; $TemplateMessage.=" Name :".$name; $TemplateMessage.="<br><br>"; $TemplateMessage.="Email :".$email; $TemplateMessage.="<br><br>"; $TemplateMessage.="Phone :".$phone; $TemplateMessage.="<br><br>"; $TemplateMessage.="Comment :".$comment; $TemplateMessage.="<br><br><br/>Thanks & Regards<br/>"; $TemplateMessage.="Flash Driving School"; $TemplateMessage.="<br><br><br>This is a post-only mailing. Replies to this message are not monitored or answered."; $mail1 = new PHPMailer; $mail1->FromName = "flashdrivingschool.com"; $mail1->From = "info@flashdrivingschool.com"; $mail1->Subject = $Subject1; $mail1->Body = stripslashes($TemplateMessage); $mail1->AltBody = stripslashes($TemplateMessage); $mail1->IsHTML(true); $mail1->AddAddress($admin_email,"flashdrivingschool.com");//info@salaryleak.com $mail1->Send(); header('location:thankyou.php'); exit(); ?>
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