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  1. For my search function im trying to build a search array but this part is giving my loads of problems I cant get it to work foreach ($payment as $key => &$val){if (!$pri){$ora = "((au.payment LIKE :payment{$val})";$asparams[] = array(":payment{$val}", '%' . $system->cleanvars($val) . '%', PDO::PARAM_STR);}else{$ora .= " OR (au.payment LIKE :payment{$val}) AND ";$asparams[] = array(":payment{$val}", '%' . $system->cleanvars($val) . '%', PDO::PARAM_STR);}$pri = true; } the $ora is just added to the SQL later and the $asparams is the parameter array that is passsed into bindParam later im getting the messasge anyone have any ideas?

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