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  1. Stooney

    Variable Name VS Table Column Name

    While your last comment was quite rude, it looks like you're trying to find out how to name a variable based on another variable's value. Here is the answer to that question: http://php.net/manual/en/language.variables.variable.php The fact still remains that your DB design is bad and should be reworked.
  2. Stooney

    Poor OOP practices that programmers should avoid

    I'm curious what he thinks the 'OOP relacements' for if/switch are.....
  3. Stooney

    Good Programming and Web Design Books

    Not php related, but what would be a good c++ book for someone wanting to refresh on basic c++ stuff and learn more? I took a c++ class back in high school but I've since forgotten a bunch of it (not that I learned that much in a single semester). So I know basic c++ stuff (syntax, how functions work, etc etc), now I wish to go from there and into GUI applications. Any suggestions?

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