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  1. B09F4FB46AD4418E51E4E09C6C11AA3A36628FBD1CC2D8AF6AD3F01467CA3910231CA851D639402758D57D49CC7D12EF8C7B215B4B50A2C8FF97A29EEEA5F575F7A8628BDB39776747E244FE5B69D8CD63A4DC805360F0CB4B894CA86B56E89099B547FEA38D16A90203FF6D6E4C64B6CA7B2B33184046E7E8646A302F636FA349C3EEF8C45C3A7443030255292B31AA22CD3A45E7722D706F31EBD7CEB0B6ED5BC160EB1CD62FAE36E845E7857C9D203430578A3C3DEBAC808F0BED62C8DF20292A5B145FA991C5
  2. crap. still lost and its not decrypting. This is where I'm at. // convert HEX key to ASCII (working) $ascii_key = hexToAscii('28d75A09ec63c32b1e870fad25e79b8c'); // (×Z ìcÃ+‡*%盌 // convert XTEA encrypted HEX value to ASCII (working) $ascii = hexToAscii($text); // °ŸO´jÔAŽQäàœlª:6b½ÂدjÓðgÊ9#¨QÖ9@'XÕ}IÌ}ïŒ{![KP¢Èÿ—¢žî¥õu÷¨b‹Û9wgGâDþ[iØÍc¤Ü€S`ðËK‰L¨kV虵Gþ£©ÿmnLd¶Ê{+3@Fçèdj0/co£IÃîøÄ\:tCU)+1ª"Í:Eçr-po1ë×ΰ¶í[Á`ëÖ/®6èEç…| 40WŠ<=묀íbÈß )*[_©‘Å // base64 encode ASCII value (working) $base64_string = base64_encode($ascii); // sJ9PtGrUQY5R5OCcbBGqOjZij70cwtivatPwFGfKORAjHKhR1jlAJ1jV
  3. I had tried that before, but with the MD5 function you have now removed. OK tried again.. no luck, the new "$ascii" var has a value of (×Z ìcÃ+‡­%盌
  4. Thanks for your help. I think I'm almost there. I can get the encrypted string to change to base64 and it "looks" correct, but it still will not decrypt. Could I still be having an issue with the key string of "28d75A09ec63cxvxve870fad25e79b8c"? How do I change this into 16 bytes? Below is my current code. $ascii_string = ''; foreach( str_split($text,2) as $chunk ){ $ascii_string .= chr(hexdec($chunk)); } $base64_string = base64_encode($ascii_string); $xtea = new XTEA('28d75A09ec63c32b1e870fad25e79b8c'); $output =$xtea->Decrypt($base64_string);
  5. Thanks fro that info. I tried it out using $ascii_string as the new key, but no luck. The key is like "28d75A09ec63zxcv1e870fad25e79b8c". The string to decode (originally encrypted in JAVA) looks like B09F4FB46AD4418E51E4E09C6C11AA3A36628FBD1CC2D8AF6AD3F01467CA3910231CA851D639402758D57D49CC7D12EF8C7B215B4B50A2C8FF97A29EEEA5F575F7A8628BDB39776747E244FE5B69D8CD63A4DC805360F0CB4B894CA86B56E89099B547FEA38D16A90203FF6D6E4C64B6CA7B2B33184046E7E8646A302F636FA349C3EEF8C45C3A7443030255292B31AA22CD3A45E7722D706F31EBD7CEB0B6ED5BC160EB1CD62FAE36E845E7857C9D203430578A3C3DEBAC808F0BED62C8DF20292
  6. I am trying to decrypt a code encrypted with XTEA. I have been using a script found here, http://goo.gl/xCpgs and it works within its own encrypt/decrypt example. The problem is that it will not decrypt a code given to me by my client. In the code examples description it says the "key" is 16 characters, but the key I have from my client is 32 characters so I think this may be part of the problem, but I cannot find out in the code how to make it work with a 32 char key (if that is even the issue). Below is the class from the link above and below that are sample encrypt and decrypt strings
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