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  1. Timestamp of email confirmation, figured out in real time, or at least as I check them nightly. The email count equals the number of squares taken, so if it's off, I know to look. I could set it up to check on the UPDATE and return a message, but I was getting it out quickly. I appreciate what you DM'd, and I'll look at it for the same type of event next month. I'm still in search of an answer for the original question.
  2. How will they know which squares are available, while keeping the restraints of 1-100? The code only allows for available squares to be printed in the dropdown. There is no poaching. the only issue is simultaneous selection, which shouldn't be too much of a problem given the size of the group and timestamp. Even if two people the same number at almost the same time, the second one would overwrite the first one, but the first one's confirmation would come across first.
  3. Yes, and I'm viewing this as a one thing at a time situation. My group are all friends, and it won't be at a volume that it would likely happen. If it did, it would be easily correctable. Eventually I would like to make that check in real time and not just on page loads.
  4. Yes, the selection is predetermined numbers, and as the page loads, there is a query to determine which numbers/ID are still available. (As noted to Barand above, that’s the only time it checks to see which numbers are available.)
  5. I just do on this one. It’s 100 predetermined rows of data. The User picks an available number (ID), and whether or not I was using userID vs names/emails doesn’t change my issue of them grabbing multiple available numbers. Right now they have to choose one a time, which is fine, I guess, but if I can allow them to select more at a time, it simplifies it on their end. (It’s just a bunch of friends choosing up squares for sporting events. I’m trying to automate it vs. having one of us to keep track on manually.) I have nothing set up to check in real time if User A picked a number since User B had loaded the page too. (Simultaneous selections.). I just have it set to check on each page load, altered by submission.
  6. Right now I have a form with a drop down box, but my Users would like it if they could select multiple options. As the form is currently set up, after submission, it UPDATES the database. $nameFirst = $_POST['nameFirst']; $nameLast = $_POST['nameLast']; $user_email = $_POST['email']; $square = $_POST['square']; mysqli_query($con,"UPDATE selection SET nameFirst = '" . $nameFirst . "', nameLast = '". $nameLast ."', email = '". $user_email ."' WHERE '". $square . "' = id"); With the multiple selections, the form will need to UPDATE a row for each selection. I’m somewhat assuming I take the potential multiple selections and Exploding them. Correct?
  7. I got it to work. Thank you!
  8. I guess it's thinking too linear, that it would redirect before executing the UPDATE.
  9. Don't redirects happen in the header?
  10. I apologize. I do not need to send any data to PayPal. @requinix I figured it wouldn't be done via PHP. If I sent to process.php and had a redirect once there, would it process the UPDATE before redirecting? (All of this because I have to dynamically create values in a dropbox, but that part I have figured out...just not the way to send the User to PayPal afterward as well.)
  11. Per usual, I'm having an issue wrapping my head an issue, or I'm just not able to narrow the search well enough. I have a form... method = post action = /process.php Upon hitting process.php, it will UPDATE a data table with the $_POST data it gets from the form. After that, I want to send it to PayPal. It seems like at some point I was able to complete two 'actions' at once, but it's so long since I've created my own forms. Then again, maybe it was a redirect after executing the UPDATE. I just don't remember, and anything I search for doesn't seem to produce results of something that worked.
  12. I'll check it out and report back. Thank you.
  13. I have 400 dynamically created DIVs, and they each have their own title *school name* *school nickname*. I don't want them to wrap to a second line, but going nowrap makes the DIV too wide. I don't want to adjust the font size of all instances, just the 5% which are too long to fit. I've messed around with vw, but that's obviously impacting all instances. I'd like to have longer instances have smaller fonts. Is this possible via CSS?
  14. Got it...I missed that you added gamedate to the top part of the query.
  15. It doesn't appear $prevdate is keeping any values. I put... echo $prevdate . ' ' . $today; ...in the loop, and all it prints is $today each time. UPDATE: I gave it a value to start, 1980-01-01, and it just prints that date next to today's date.
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