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  1. Ok .. Now we're in action .. I coulda swore I uninstalled Wamp but apparently I didnt.
  2. I've downloaded Xampp 1.6.1 .. It installed the mysql and firezilla, but not the apache cause I got a message that said "Ports 80 and 330 (SSL) are currently in use. Apache not installed." I went to: http://localhost/xampp/splash.php to test it and of course, It did not work? Whats wrong? :'(
  3. And I thought I was gonna be able to do this with no problems lol I've downlaoded php from php.net (don't know if I had too). Right now, Im using justfree.com to prep the site before I get a domain and real host. I've downloaded NaviCat to manage my mysql. Problem is, it won't connect me. I created a database "ritchiegunz_main". Would local host be ritchiegunz.justfree.com .They have a phpMyAdmin panel. I used that to create tables (i think). When I trying running http://ritchiegunz.justfree.com/index45.html .. I click on submit and it just goes to check.php (Which I was supposed to create in that directory, right?) Anyone wanna point me in the right direction of a common mysql manager? and a common free host that wont cause problems? I think once I get myself setup, I'll be good to go. But that isnt happening :'( lol Thanks in advance
  4. You hope this helps me out? ... This just made my day lol .. I was 'bout to spend nite and day on that, getting it right .. thank you so much, man
  5. Thank you so much for that timely response. I thought I was gonna have to wait forever, lol
  6. Ok, So I've been reading an awful lot on php and Im ready to create my own mmorpg. I feel pretty comfortable on how Im gonna go about making the site and feel I'll be able to make it with little intervention from anybody. But one thing the tutorial didnt really explain well (or I couldnt really understand) was adding members to the mysql database. I don't wanna be a freeloader or such, but I just need help with this one thing then I'll be outta your hair, lol. If possible, I just need someone to post up the html and php script (I know the html, I just feel like I'll mess it up in conjuction with the php, lol) for registration while adding them to the mysql db. Also, for security purposes, would it be smart to use htmlentities on all my pages? Thanks in advance. (btw, I've already have done the search and couldnt find a suitable answer)
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